What's New in Fourth Grade

March 16-28


We have been SO busy!!! Congratulations to all of the 4th graders... The Ocean Animal Research projects are complete!!! Thank you to those who came to hear your child read. If you couldn't make it the reports are now hanging in the hallway.

Our current Literacy unit is so exciting and complex! We are focusing on Social Issues. Many of our students think racism and prejudice are events of the past; some of them have literally gasped as they have realized that racism still exists within our world. We have read White Socks Only, Freedom Summer, Faithful Elephants and are currently reading Out of Our Mind. Please ask your child about these books. These books are deep and we have had wonderful discussions. Over spring break discuss current events and social issues your child is passionate about because that leads us to our next writing project. The only topic students are not allowed to write about is animals since we just finished an extensive writing project on ocean animals. Here are the list of social issues Ms. Najera's and Ms. Ellenberg's class came up with.


Fractions, fractions, fractions... and oh yes, some decimals! Students are practicing adding and subtracting mixed numbers. If you think about it, it is quite complex. The students have grasped the idea of tenths and hundredths but still need practice regrouping fractions for subtraction. Students have also learned how to multiply a fraction by a whole number. The most common mistake is forgetting to simplify. Improper fractions should be renamed as mixed numbers. The unit test will be Thursday and Friday. A study guide came home on either Saturday, March 21 or Monday, March 23.
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Science and Social Studies

The Rocks and Minerals unit has finished . Students took a test on Friday and did very well. Perhaps we have some future geologists!

In social studies students are studying government. Students have learned the three branches and what specifically they do. This government study is focused more on our local state government as fourth grade is the grade to learn about your state.

After spring break students will study health and nutrition!


The Annual Read-a-thon was a success! Fourth grade was the overall grade to win for the school. Ms. Ellenberg's class came in first place with Ms. Najera's class a close second. Since there was so much reading last week there will be no reading log or reading/vocabulary homework the week before spring break.To celebrate the Read-a-Thon success some Duke Football Players visited each class. Then on Saturday we had an assembly where the teachers competed in Field Day events while the top readers from each class helped hand out the ribbons. Fourth grade teachers dominated with three first place finishes, one second and one third. Woohoo! We love reading!

Arts in Action

Many thanks to those of you who came out for the Family Dance Night! It was a huge success financially. We also had fun dancing and it was a great opportunity to meet some Arts in Action staff. We love them! Our final performance will be on Thursday, April 30 at 6:30 pm. We can't wait to showcase all we've been learning. There will be no Arts in Action on March 27 but double lessons the week after spring break both on Thursday and Friday.

Third Quarter Ends and Spring Break

The third quarter ends on Friday, March 27 which is now a school day due to all the snow we had. The week of March 23 will be filled with assessments and finishing up/correcting old work so we can start fresh in the fourth and final quarter. We will be giving mock EOGs to help guide our instruction for the fourth quarter.

As always many thanks for all that you add to Rashkis Elementary each day... we would not be so great without you!

Have a wonderful spring break!

The Fourth Grade

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Helen Maxwell 307

Cristin Najera 308

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