Pilot MGP project

By: Conner O'Quinn


My topic is pilots, and my project explains everything important about how to become a pilot. Also my project explains important information on how airline companies started and from the very first day planes became popular. Through out my project I also show the importance of commercial airline companies, and how they are true help to our world.


Ever since I first saw an airplane in the sky it always inspired me to become an airline pilot. I chose the pilot topic because I not only wanted to learn how to become a pilot, but to show the world why it’s my passion to become an airline pilot. Ever since I have been studying and learning about pilots, I learned that this is truly what I want to be when I grow up. After interviewing a former pilot, he told me that it’s a great job and he loves it, this is what inspired me to study out the pilot career.

Dear Reader

As you examine my MGP project you should gain an understanding of how important pilots are in our world today. As you read my essays you should understand that its a great job to become a commercial airline pilot. Also how easy it is to get a pilots license, as I explain through my expository essay that its not that difficult just more work involved. This is what you should gain through my pilot MGP project.

Narrative Essay

The Greatest Achievement

In the summer of 2008 I remember flying with my father in one of his amazing planes. He had all kinds of planes, and I never thought it would end, but I was wrong. Later that year my father Stephen, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. After finding out about this awful news, both the doctor and I knew he didn't have long.

After high school I attended a four year program at UNT college to become a pilot. At college I obtained my private pilot license and a multi engine license. My dream was to become a Southwest airlines pilot. Later on new years eve of 2012 the payment of treating my dads illness went up. I now had to become a pilot to save my father, and give me a future.

On my fathers birthday of January 7th, 2013 I went out to Southwest airlines headquarters to get tested to become a pilot. The day before this though I had promised my father that I would accomplish this to save him. As I met up with instructor Clyde Johnson at the test sight I knew in my head I couldn't mess up.

" Are you ready for your examination?," the instructor asked.

With no answer I nodded my head and proceeded into the double prop plane, and I said to myself, its all on me. Once I started all engines the instructor gave me directions and coordinates to accomplish my test. After three heart racing hours the instructor smiled as we landed and said, "That was the greatest performance ever!"

After hearing that stress relieving comment I left the area confidently knowing I would save my father and have a great future.

Expository Essay

Commercial airline pilots

Being an airline pilot is a very important job in our world today. Without airline pilots it would be extremely difficult to travel around the world, and being an airline pilot is a great job to make a living.

Being an airline pilot is a very well paying job. Depending on how long the pilot has flown for that company determines their yearly salary. For example, a junior captain who has flown for 15-20 years gets an annual salary of 120,000 to 140,000 dollars per year. ( The truth about Profession)

The second great thing about being a pilot is that it isn't hard to start. After an interview with David Ryter a local American Eagle pilot said, " Its like trying to get a drivers license just more time and training involved to become successful." He also stated that you can get your licensing through an aviation school or even through a four year college program.

Lastly pilots help all people around the world travel and connect to one another. If you think about how difficult it would be to travel across the country or even across the state, it would take hours. With the help of pilots and airplanes, you can travel world wide and across the state in much shorter amount of time.

Being a pilot is an important job in our society today. Not only does it help that pilots future, but it helps the world connect faster and safer. Therefore without airline pilots it would be extremely difficult to travel around the world, and being an airline pilot is a great job to make a living.


The Best view

As I look through the window dividing me from the sky

My eyes gaze upon a beautiful sight of white and blue,

As I leave the runway with confidence and say goodbye

I receive information on our destination and it gives me a clue,

That I will arrive with my family at home

Gliding through the sky I gaze upon the amazing sights of God's creation,

And feel as if I'm in a great cloud of foam

Then realizing I am almost on vacation,

When the time comes to descend down

Information comes through that we can land,

I spot the great sight of my home town

And feel extremely grand,

The excitement of celebration comes through

And I feel so glad that I flew.

Visual Element

Choice Element

Aviation History

1903: Orville and Wilbur Wright fly the first successful propeller aircraft.

1909: Louis Bleriot crosses the English Channel successfully in a monoplane.

1910: Raymonde de Laroche becomes the first licensed female pilot.

1910:Orville Wright opens the first commercial airline school.

1911: Burgess Co. becomes the first commercial flight school to license pilots.

1918: United Stated post office creates the airmail service.

1924: First flight around the world. (Achieved by Major Fredrick Martin, Lieutenant Lowell H. Smith, and Lieutenant Erik Nelson)

1926: Air Commerce act marks first attempt to set safety regulations for planes, and requires licensing for pilots and planes.

1926: Congress adopts the Air Commerce Act to authorize navigation routes, navigation systems, and license pilot aircraft.

1932: Amelia Earhart becomes first women to fly across the Atlantic ocean.

1933: United airlines flies coast to coast with the new Boeing 247.

1935: Boeing creates the first plane ever with a pressured cabin.

1947: The sound barrier is broken by Chuck Yeager.

1959: American Airlines offers jetliner transpiration around the country.

1967: The modern FAA is established as a part of the U.S. Department of Transportation.

1980: Nearly half of the worlds flights took place in the U.S.

1998: Smoking is banned on domestic flights.

2001: Transportation Security Administration is established due to the 911 attack.

2011: Airbus signs the largest aircraft deal ever in history.

Research Connections

Narrative Essay

In my narrative essay I made a story on how a sons father was diagnosed with cancer, and his only way to save him was to become a pilot so he could help support him. Through out my story I inferred on how the son got his pilots license through a four year college degree, and I also showed how he got multiple license through college. I gained this information through an interview with a former pilot to help guide my story. This is what research I used to imbed into my story.

Expository Essay

Through my expository essay I got my information through a website that really helped me inform the reader on how to become a pilot. From the website it helped me learn how to start to get a private pilots license, and the payment and life behind a commercial airline pilot. Lastly I show the information that David Ryter gave me on what its like to be an airline pilot and what really helps to be successful.


I didn't use much help with making my poem, but I mainly used the Shakespearean style poem setup. Through using this setup it helped me create a poem that shows the life of a commercial airline pilot. I gained the story idea through my imagination because that's what I thought maybe a typical airline pilot would feel on his job.

Visual Element

I used inspiring pictures from the internet to help give the reader an understanding of certain things that help a pilot through his career. Such as the license pictures and the picture of a pilot getting trained. As I also show through the visual element a southwest airlines plane which can give the reader an understanding of what a great job it would be to become a pilot for a top airline company.

Choice Element

I gained the idea of a timeline from a great source that shows important dates of aviation history. Also I thought it would be easy to show the reader important days of history when aviation became popular and safer. As I made the timeline I mainly used important dates that impacted aviation history so that the reader could get a full understanding of aviation.

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