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September 22 - 26, 2014

Principal's Message

How can we raise student achievement to high levels and meet the academic challenges of all students. What is the “secret sauce”? One of the key ingredients, the research tells us, is the effective use of interim assessments. Virtually all high performing schools systematically analyze assessments during the school year and put the data to work in classrooms. It should be no surprise that interim assessments are being introduced in many U.S. schools and districts.

In fact, interim assessments are one of the hottest ideas in American education today. Ideally, students are getting this kind of high-quality instruction and feedback in their classrooms on a daily basis, but interim assessments provide a more structured and systematic look at overall achievement and are likely to identify areas of need that can slip by busy teachers in everyday classroom interactions.

In short, effective use of interim assessments help principals see the results of what teachers do in classrooms rather than looking only at the process of instruction. “It’s like putting on 3-D glasses,” says Paul Bambrick-Santoyo, Co-Director of North Star Academy, a 5-12 charter school in Newark, he has used quarterly assessments to bring about extraordinary student achievement. Interim assessments shift the conversation to student learning, and if they are handled well, get teacher teams working collaboratively to examine practice and find the very best ways to bring all students to high achievement.

This week during your PLC’s use this time to discuss and review your interim assessments as you prepare to use the data from your interim assessments to adjust your instruction. We will then analyze this data during our PLC data meetings.

Make it a GREAT week!

Dr. Wright

ACP Fall Film Festival

Again this semester, teachers will have the opportunity to view the Fall ACP's. Click the link to get information to register early!


Monday, September 22nd

  • Spot Observations
  • Lesson plans due in Google Docs

·Tuesday, September 23rd

  • Spot Observations
  • Instructional feedback conferences – TBA
  • Weekly PLC meeting during before school or after school planning time; discuss and review interim assessments
  • CAT team meeting after school (Library –Bring Action Plan)
  • Region 13 Autisum Training Modules Completed - (Submit Copies of Certificates to Ms. Bass)

Wednesday, September 24th

  • Spot Observations
  • Weekly PLC meeting during before school or after school planning time; discuss and review interim assessments
  • SBDM called meeting – 7:30 AM (Principal’s Conference Room)
  • Hispanic Heritage Committee; Oktoberfest Committee; Six Weeks Awards Committee Meetings, each committee will develop action steps to be submitted to the principal’s notebook

Thursday, September 25th

  • Spot Observations
  • Lesson Objectives and Demonstration of Learning due to CAT members for review
  • Weekly PLC meeting during before school or after school planning time; discuss and review interim assessments
  • Principal’s Professional Development - New Teacher Academy 3:45 – 4:30 (Library)

Friday, September 26th (Feedback Friday)

  • Instructional feedback conferences – TBA
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