Baseball Bonerland!



MLB Best Plays 2013 (Highlights)

Happy Opening Day!


Frankly, I am impressed with the level of support people are showing this year. I think there are multiple opening day parties happening with people in Bonerland. Gentleman, I tip my cap to thee.

Just because you're all my speshul little tr0llz I have whipped up a little Bonerland Delite for your afternoon of fantasy fapping:

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the first annual Baseball Bonerland Opening Day Drinking Game!


Take A Shot When:

- Your team has it's first home run of the season

Finish Your Beer When:

- You have your first double of the season

- Your team has each subsequent home run

- Your starting pitcher gives up his first run

- Your starting pitcher strikes out the side

- You get your first stolen bag of the season

Give A Drink For:

- Each RBI after 5 for your team

- Each strikeout after 6 for your pitchers

- For Each Save Earned

- Every Stolen Base After the First

Feel Free To Add Them Via Email Chain

Snapchat poop of the day

Big image
This candidate for snap poop of the month comes to us from the manager of Miguel's Scotch Club. I think....I think it speaks for itself. Extra points for the grease halo, the obvious effect of alcohol from the night before (likely tequila?), and the general messiness of its appearance. It looks like you poured it from a blender filled with water and homeless poops. I bet it smelled like absolute death.

Does anybody else see what looks like a gorilla looking out of a periscope, or is that just me wishing it was there?

I give this poop three logs out of five. Something to be proud of but also, you can do better. I am sure, however, that this felt amazing to pass for all five seconds it took to drop it off at the pool.

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Here's Your Opening Day Schedule:

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Alright boners, Have fun and Be Safe