Dry cleaning service in Noida

If you have been looking for a dry cleaning service in Noida and around, you are at the right place. We present to you one of the best dry cleaning and laundry service provider in and around Noida- ‘Dhobilite.’

Some of the main features of this dry cleaning service in Noida include:

· Easy way to place orders either online or via phone calls. You will go through a proper procedure and within a matter of 24 hours your process will be requested.

· From pre-treatment services to pressing and laundering; Dhobilite has got it all for you. Everything they use and do is top notch; from detergents to the custom packaging they provide.

· Not to forget the free pickup and delivery services they have to offer.

So this is what the firm has got for you in the form of premium laundry and dry cleaning services. In the form of this laundry and dry cleaning service you have indeed got the best possible hassle free treatment for your garments and rugs!

Having said so much, let us have a look at the prices for Dry cleaning services:

· Pressing is done at a convenient price of Rs 49 per kg.

· Both washing and pressing services can be availed at Rs 89 per kg.

· The dry cleaning services are based upon the type of garment. For details you can visit: ( http://www.dhobilite.com/r )

So this was all about the laundry and dry cleaning service in Noida and grater Noida. Hope this helped! You now have your work done easy!

Visit Our Website: http://www.dhobilite.com/