a new found species


lama corns live in the magical land of lama cornia. in lama cornia there is flowers that eat cows.

Basic Needs

lama corns live on candy. without it they would not survive. They drink out of the chocolate milk river. sometimes they can drink out of the lake of Pepsi. the candy gives them the pinkness of there shaggy fur.


lama corns have a shaggy pink coat. they have two toed hooves and stubby but long in a way legs. But the most important part comes next: the horn. they have the horn sitting in the middle of there fore head. the horn is a silvery color with a tinge of blue.


lama corn have camouflage. they can blend into its surroundings as long as it has 10 table spoons of sugar. they hibernate in coves of frosting.

Interesting fact

some people say a lama and a narwhal married creating the lama corn.
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