Laos(Hmong)Immigration to Minnesota

Learn about Hmong immigration to minnesota

Push and pull factors of Laos

Laos has had a lot of problems in the past the war and the government taking over and a lot of Hmong people ran towards Thailand and Thailand put the Hmong people in a sort of concentration camp . Some of the pull factors are more freedom and rights, and more jobs/space in the U.S

Ravensteins laws

Does/did fall under ravensteins laws: occurs in steps. Rural to urban

Does not fall under ravensteins laws: travels short distances. Counter flow. Young males travel more And female travel smaller distances.

Location and Jobs

When the Laos (Hmong) migrated to the U.S they mainly moved from urban to rural. Hmong people back in Laos they were big farmers but when they came to America they had to move to the cities because in order to farm in Minnesota they'd have to work for 15 years to get enough money to buy land and then at least a 5-10 years to get enough money to buy the equipment and the produce.


They don't have enough money to have a farm so no place to farm. When they move to Minnesota they come with little or no money so they have a hard time getting on there feet.