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From the desk of Beckie Webster

Thank you for your service!

Tis the season of change.

"Educational innovation and change can be understood, managed, and valued as positive results are achieved. Schools can derive satisfaction from taking charge of their destinies and leading the restructuring movement forward. There is also great satisfaction in helping our schools better meet the needs of children they serve. These children are waiting for us to act." Linda MacRae Campbell.

A great quote as we move forward as a campus and a district!

Teacher moves as of the 1st of May:

Mrs. Saldana will join Mrs. Fritts in 4th grade Bilingual, Katy Sommer will join the 3rd grade team, Katie Gutmann and Lesli Brown will be teaching our students at LMS, Marcia Fields will be joining our 5th grade team, Gisselle Martin will be teaching 2nd grade Bilingual, Andrea Pearson will be moving to 1st grade, Ana Castro will be teaching 1st grade Bilingual and Vilma Garza-Wood will stay home with her children next year. Thank you to our interview committee of Kathy Wood (LISD Director of Quest), Brenda Kemp, Amber Rolofson, Christy Hilbun and Marcia Fields as we selected Heather Kiec as our new Quest teacher at WSE. We are so very excited for these teachers who will follow their heart in a new direction-Congrats!

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