A remake of the 1978 hit

Casting Directors

Zach Lopez

Emelie Nelson

Anna Kendrick as Sandy Olsen


Jessica Stanley in Twilight Saga (2008-2012)

Beca Mitchell in Pitch Perfect (2012)

Katherine McKay in 50/50 (2011)


Anna Kendrick has held a variety of musical and dancing roles. From the "pretentious best friend" in the Twilight Saga to her "supportive loving role" in 50/50, her versatility makes her very desirable.

Triple Threat Score

Acting- 8

Singing- 9

Dancing- 7

Pitch Perfect - Bellas Finals

Darren Criss as Danny Zuko


Blaine Anderson in Glee (2010-present)

Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical Trilogy (2009-2012)


Darren Criss not only embodies the Danny Zuko look, but he also possesses the necessary talents to excel in a musically oriented role. He made a name for himself in musicals and is also known for his guitar playing abilities as well as his role in the popular show Glee.

Tripple Threat Score

Acting- 8

Singing- 8

Dancing- 6

Glee - Fighter (Official Full Performance) (Official Music Video)