KES Related Arts Update

Second Quarter News from Library and STEAM 2016

Library - Mrs. Eastwood

The second quarter of school has been a busy time for everyone with lots of learning and activities in November, December, and January.

Grades 4 and 5 have practiced taking notes, looking at various resources including informational books, websites, and the encyclopedia. We have discussed plagiarism and the simple ways to avoid it when using information and/or ideas from other people/sources. We have also learned about the importance of checking your online sources for credibility and reliability. We continue to practice talking about books we read.

The older students continue working hard to read the 12 Great Stone Face Award books. Students have placed holds on the books they want to read and are trying to wait patiently as others finish the books they are waiting to read. Keep encouraging your student to see how many they can read and to return them so others can read as well. I am very proud of 13 students that have read at least 5 books, and their names are displayed on my Wall of Fame! Mrs. Kilcoyne is up there too! We just have until the end of March to read as many as possible(at least 5 to vote!). Remember that the amazing staff at Kensington Public Library(KPL) also have these titles for our students to check out.

We were so proud to have the first permanent Dot display in place in the ceiling of the library. The fourth graders did an amazing job working together, planning, painting, and then writing about the project. Make sure to stop in the library to see the beautiful tiles.

Grades K-3 completed the Ladybug book Award program and voted for their favorite. It is a great program that exposes the students to a variety of literature providing many opportunities for learning about types of books, talking about the stories and interesting situations, and more!

All students benefited from a visit with author and illustrator Matt Tavares in November. He shared about researching his book, working on the illustrations, and revising it all several times. It was a great message about working hard to get something just right.

All students have incorporated Finnish culture in their learning for the month of January. Geography, culture, games, music, literature, holidays, sports, and many more topics were discussed through presentations, websites, videos, and other sources of information.

I am so very grateful for the library volunteers and fifth grade assistants who have been helping this year! Together we are fixing books, making them easier to find, helping students find what they want, and keeping the shelves ready for the students!!

You can use the library catalog, keep up with library news, and find useful links by visiting the library webpage.

Coming Up:

STEM- Mrs. Plourde and Ms. Kenneway

Quarter two has been very busy for all KES students!

Mrs. Kenneway introduced Engineering is Elementary (EIE)- the nation’s leading engineering curriculum! Through these units, students explored either agricultural, chemical or acoustical engineering. All students were successful in very different ways.

During Computer Science Education Week (Dec. 8-14), every one of our students joined over 2 million worldwide spending one hour learning the basics of coding. With this strong foundation, students were ready to program some basic robots upon Mrs. Plourde’s return in the new year.

Continuing their education on computer science, students learned how to program the BeeBot, a simple floor robot. Students were even able to program Buzz and Buzzlina (named by our kindergarten and 1st grade friends) to explore Finland! Next up was the Ozobot and Sphero, both with their own unique qualities and abilities. We were also fortunate to briefly explore the Recon Rover Robot while it visited from the NH state library. To wrap up our mini-unit, students participated in a engineering design challenge using one of our robots.

In the classroom, students in grades K-2 continue to develop their technology skills. Through the integration of programming with literacy and math, students were able to practice their skills in a new and exciting way. We are also learning new ways to implement the iPad throughout the content areas to further differentiate instruction.

Makers’ Recess and Makers’ Club have continued to be a hit. We have reorganized a bit so that students can choose from one of three areas- consumables, construction or technology. We encourage innovation and creativity and love their continued smiles and laughter. If you haven’t already registered for sessions 4 and 5 of Makers’ Club, the registration is on our KES website under “Student Activities and Enrichment”.

KES MakerFest details are being released next week! Make sure to put the date on your calendar and plan to bring the whole family! Monday, May 16th from 6:30-7:30.

Also, be on the lookout for STEMgirls! :)

Sneak peek to the second half of the year:

  • Squishy Circuits

  • STEM careers & Women in STEM

  • Engineering is Elementary (EIE)

  • Next Generation Science Standards