Life Before the Constitution

By: Simran Ghulldu

Life as a Worker

I was a shoemaker for most of my life. I went into debt, and now I'm not sure if I can pay back the money. The state legislature decided to stop making paper money, and now I have to lower the prices of my shoes so people can afford it. The government might not be able to pay me back for fighting in the war, so I sold the bonds for money. There are people talking about writing a new Constitution, and I'm worried that I won't be able to vote.
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Life as a Southern Planter

I live in Virginia and I'm a tobacco planter. I own around 30 slaves, and I'm very rich. Banks don't want to lend money to anyone. I need to borrow money from bankers for more slaves, and there is talk of people freeing slaves. This makes me angry, because they're talking about taking away my property. I also want money back from the government, but they have no money.
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Life as a Enslaved African American

My whole family is enslaved at a tobacco plant in Virginia. We thought we were going to be freed after the American Revolution, but we weren't. Our life is very hard, and we work tirelessly. States in the North have outlawed slavery, and there is talk of stopping slave trade. There have been slaves to buy their freedom in the past, but they don't own anything. We want freedom more than anything, but we also know that when we get it, we will be worse than the farmers up North who can't pay their debt.
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Life as a Banker/Merchant

I am member of a rich Banker/Merchant family. I make money by giving out loans, but now the government passed a law that people can pay with anything that has value. This makes me mad, but then people start giving me their government bonds in exchange for money. What's better is that the government is now saying that they will pay back the bonds in cash. This will allow me to make a lot of money.
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