The Kuiper Belt

Could this be the Doomsday Disaster?

The Kuiper Belt and What Is It?!

The Kuiper belt is a huge disk of cosmic rock that stretches across the universe somewhere between Neptune and Pluto. The giant scare with the Kuiper belt is that if the gravity from another near by planet disturbs the belt and can pull a cosmic rock out of the orbit and fling it towards earth. (Also known as a meteor)

Another scenario with The Kuiper Belt is that if a meteor were to come out of the belt and come before the sun, that the sun will make it explode, yet all of the debris from the meteor will cover he sun's heat rays and cut off the planet Earth's heat, causing another Ice Age to happen. This will take the planet hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of years to return to normal.

Out of This World Image

This image is a picture of the current Kuiper Belt in outer space. It surrounds the sun and thousands of space rocks that can come crashing down on earth any minute!
Kuiper Belt

The Kuiper Diagram

The diagram above shows where the Kuiper Belt is in our solar system. In the center of it all is the sun, the comes all of the planets including us on Earth, then all around the planets is the infamous Kuiper Belt.
The Kuiper Belt - Scanning The Skies: The Discovery Telescope

Halley's Comet

The picture above shows Halley's Comet, which may sound really familiar! Halley's Comet is a comet that comes about every 76 years, but the fascinating part is that Halley's Comet is actually a meteor that comes from the one and only Kuiper Belt!


This image is from a satellite around the Kuiper Belt. The various orange specks you see are cosmic rocks in the belt.

A Better Look

These computer generated images above are what cosmologists believe the Kuiper Belt looks like, which is a large belt of asteroids orbiting all of the planets.
More Information About The Kuiper Belt

This link leads to a website that tells you a lot of useful facts about the Kuiper Belt that shocked us!