Odyssey Yearbook

featuring the top 10 students


Epic Hero Archetype

"if anyone asks who put out your site tell them it was Odysseus of Ithaca."

Odysseus wants everyone to know who he is. He wants credit for the things he has achieved and be congratulated.

Class president

Leadership club member


The Innocent Archetype

"I'm sorry, it was me who left the storeroom door open."

Telemachus wants to be just like his father. This doesn't always work because he doesn't have his father's brave leader qualities. Telemachus tries to help but his mistake almost costs Odysseus his life.

Member of Garden club

Captain of Club rugby team


The lover Archetype

"I will marry the man who can put an arrow through ten Axe heads lined up like my husband."

Penelope has waited 20 years for her husband to come home. She constantly delays her marriage to one of the suitors because she knows her first lover will return someday.


Chess club member


Traitor Archetype

"Hah, this beggar is not my doing. It is Eumaeus."

The goatherd is a disloyal servant who is favored by the suitors. He treats Odysseus horribly.

Agricultural club

Cross country