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Backyard Design Trends

When considering backyard landscape designs one may need to ask themselves a few questions. backyard remodeling is very different than determining the landscape design for other areas. The other portions of the property may be only for aesthetic purposes, but the backyard is a more personal. The type of design adopted will depend on personal preferences and for how the area will be used.

The backyard may have any one of several purposes. Many simply desire privacy and some homeowners will use the backyard areas primarily for entertaining friends and family. Some will want to incorporate landscape design elements that are specific to backyard areas such as swimming pools, decks, gardens or patios. The elements included will depend largely upon the desired purpose for this area.

One way to maximize the usable space is to incorporate a patio or deck into the design. Patios are a great component for entertaining and cookouts. But if the yard slopes too much it may not be a practical option. In this case a backyard deck would be the better option and serve the same purpose but with a unique look and feel.

Building a pool is another option for those who want to entertain guests. They are also very useful for just enjoying the summertime hours with the family. When considering modern pool design a pool deck can be incorporated for traffic to and from the pool area.

Backyard landscaping can also take a tranquil approach. For those who wish to have a reprieve from the chaos of life, a backyard garden may be the perfect choice. This refuge can be adorned with many types of greenery and flowers to create a relaxing atmosphere. And if flowers are not your taste, perhaps using an ornamental waterscape would provide the best landscape design.

There are many different elements from which to choose for a backyard landscape design. Simply consider how the area will be used then incorporate the design elements that make it productive for the desired purposes.

Build an Oasis in Your Backyard!

Modern Pool Design

Building a pool can be an additional investment in a piece of property. It is not a decision to be taken lightly as it can be costly to install and will also have to be maintained. However, there is nothing quite like a backyard pool to put the finishing touches on a backyard.

The cost of building a pool will vary with the specific features that are incorporated into the pool design. Adding items such as exterior lighting, a spa, waterfalls, a deck or various landscape designs can push the installation up into a higher price bracket. There are also different types of materials to use for building a pool. Concrete is the most durable and the easiest to customize, but it is also the most expensive choice; but it is low maintenance. Fiberglass or vinyl liners are less expensive when first building a pool, but choosing a pool design with a liner will mean it has to be replaced about every 10 years. In the event that the house goes back on the market, new buyers almost always insist that the liner be replaced no matter what its age.

The heating and filtration systems are important choices that must be made too. There are newer variable-speed pumps that use around 80 percent less energy than older pumps did. Choosing newer more efficient models can help save on the operating expenses.

A pool can add value to the property and be incorporated into any backyard landscaping design. They are also a very enjoyable addition to summer cookouts.

Landscape Design Elements

Landscape design is not generally considered artwork, but it does share some of the main elements of design. There are 5 standard elements of design: color, texture, form, mass, and line. The main considerations for organizing the landscape design are line, form and mass. The remaining elements, texture and color, are used in a supportive role. These two elements add richness to landscape design. Color and texture are added to the other three core elements to make the area appealing and interesting.

Mass is an important element as it gives fullness to the area by placing an object in the design. The mass is an element of backyard landscaping designs that fills the voids in an area. Each component, such as plants or structures adds mass to a design. Lines are what dictate the direction the eyes follow through the landscape. Line is very important as it establishes how paths, beds and other landscape design elements flow together. Texture is determined by the physical characteristics of the yard. Small leaves or flowers can soften the area, and large leaves or large, bright colored flowers can generate a bold appearance. Color can be used to create depth or it can also be used to help direct the eyes toward a certain area. Colors can have a huge impact on the overall mood of the area.

These 5 basic elements of design are important to determine the overall scheme of the backyard design. They are also used in conjunction with the choices of plants and structures used in a professional landscape design.

Deck and Patio Design

When incorporating a deck into a backyard design there are several items that must be considered. A deck can put the finishing touches on the backyard areas of the home and provide for many hours of enjoyment and entertainment. The deck design and style will be determined largely by the homeowner’s personal taste; and also by the style and size of the home. A small platform deck may work great with a home that is just a single story, but it might look odd with a larger home. There are a few things to consider to make sure you get the right deck design for the desired purposes.

The first consideration to be made is where the deck should be located. It needs to be easy to access. After deciding where the deck should be built, you will want to consider where existing faucets, utilities and trees are located. This will help a homeowner decide if they want a multi-level deck, a freestanding deck or a wraparound design.

A backyard deck can be constructed from different types of materials. There are different quality woods such as pressure-treated wood, cedar or redwood. There are also some synthetic choices. The type of material used for a backyard deck design will depend on the desired appearance, durability and the available budget.

Restoring Your Deck

A backyard deck can be an important feature in a backyard landscaping project. However, a deck will not take care of itself. No matter what type of deck design is used, it is one part of the property that is exposed over to weather elements. Sunlight and inclement weather can cause the exposed surfaces to fade, boards to warp, and nails to pop out. There are several ways to do deck restoration.

After cleaning the deck’s surface take a hammer and remove the nails that have popped out and replace them with new ones. You will need to use nails that are a little bit larger to make sure that they will have a good hold on the decking materials.

Any boards that have become twisted should be realigned. Remove the nails and straighten the boards back into their spot and nail them back into place. Any boards that are damaged should be completely replaced. Decking that is split or cracked will need to be completely replaced to ensure the continued stability of the deck. Also replace any railings that are warped or damaged.

Once the repairs have been completed, it needs to be treated. A backyard deck needs to be protected by painting or sealing the surfaces. This is necessary to ensure the longevity of the backyard deck.

Painting Your Deck

Harsh weather can deal a lot of abuse to the backyard deck. An important part of getting a deck ready for summer time e NJoyment is to paint it. This is much more than an aesthetic choice as painting the deck can also help maintain its structural integrity by adding another layer of protection. Addressing the deck’s needs with a backyard painting project will also increase the longevity of the deck.

The color a deck is painted is a very important consideration. Gray and brown are among the most common choices among homeowners. However, many homeowners are beginning to choose colors that are complementary of the overall décor of the home and its exterior. And an option that is increasing in popularity is using multiple colors. The two main things to remember are to use paints that are designed for exterior painting and wood painting. This will ensure that the backyard deck is protected properly. For those who are not quite ready to use multiple colors on the whole deck surface, try accenting smaller pieces like benches, planters or trellises with a different color.

Painting a backyard deck has several benefits. It can enhance and improve the wood’s appearance and help create an inviting space for those who desire to entertain during the summer months.

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Backyard lighting

Part of a professional landscape design incorporates the use of outdoor lighting designs. Exterior lighting can be beautiful as well as functional. Not only can they enhance a backyard landscaping design, they can also make it a much safer place when friends and family get together.

The type of lighting needed will depend upon a few things. For instance, think about exactly what needs the additional lighting. Does the light need to be placed so that it highlights a walkway or a deck? Maybe it needs to highlight a specific feature included in the landscape design. For those who have an outdoor kitchen, it will need its own specialized lighting. Each of these backyard features will need their own lighting design.

Placing the lighting fixtures will depend on other elements. For instance, where are the power sources located? Many homeowners are opting for solar powered backyard lighting. Some also choose to use gas powered lighting options.

Another important consideration is how much light will be needed. One must be careful to provide adequate lighting in the outdoor living area without disturbing the ambiance. But if security is the main purpose of installing outdoor lighting a professional landscape design contractor can help decide what type of lighting and how much is needed. Underwater lighting can be incorporated into the pool design for guests to enjoy the pool during the nighttime hours.

Pest Control

There are not many things as frustrating as investing in a backyard remodeling project and then not be able to enjoy it because of outdoor pests. There are some practical ways to help prevent various types of bugs from taking up home in a backyard deck or garden area. Prevention is the best mode of attack. The best way to prevent insects from enjoying your backyard is to keep the area very clean.

Empty out anything that typically holds water. Buckets, pool covers, drainage ditches or gutters should all be cleaned regularly to keep insect populations to a minimum. Keeping the area well groomed and grassy areas trimmed, will help prevent many kinds of pests including snakes and small animals.

Keep a close eye on plants that have been incorporated into your backyard landscaping design. By checking them regularly you can prevent many diseases from spreading to other plants. Finding a pest early on is a major key to ridding the backyard area of many common pests.

It can be a very difficult task to try to keep backyard pests to a minimum, especially during the warmer months. When you have tried many different methods, call a professional pest control provider who can help rid the area of all sorts of pests using green, environmentally responsible methods.