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Spring is right around the corner!

Get ready to enjoy the sunshine! Are you getting ready for spring fever? Are you going away or are you falling back and sleeping? Many classmates will be going away for Spring Break, Lucky them! Even though we will be staying for a bit, 5S is on the verge of fun!

Spring Flings and Easter Things!

Easter is only a few hops away, friends! So be sure to have fun and celebrate with your family and friends! Did you know Easter is always on a Sunday? Easter is where you color eggs, eat chocolate bunnies, and search your home for hidden treats. Are you aware that the first chocolate eggs were made in Europe?


Some of us are celebrating Passover this week. Good food and family is the name of the game! We look forward to enjoying breads and cakes soon!

Spring Is In the Air

We see grass again, we see sun again, and we see spring again! Even the cherry blossoms are blooming anew! 5S can’t believe that the sun is already hitting our faces once more! Are you planning to fly a kite? Well, be sure that the wind is blowing! Just remember to stay away from the flowers if you have allergies!

By: Gracie and Anna

March Madness

When most people hear the words “March Madness” they usually think of basketball. Well, not in 5-S! March Madness is all about reading in Mrs. Selbach’s 5th grade class.

This is how it works: Each 5th grade class gets assigned to read as much as they can in the month of March. Every student has to read at least 200 pages. At the end of March, we total the amounts of pages read all together to see how many pages we have read. The total amount of pages add up to awesome prizes! If the individual class gets 10,000 pages, they get a popcorn party. If they reach 15,000 pages, they get a prize of their choice. Our class read more than 15,000 pages so we decided to have a device day. If the class reads 20,000 pages you get a movie along with the popcorn party. If the whole grade gets a total of 60,000 pages or more the grade gets an hour recess.

Mrs. Selbach’s class came in first place by reading 33,938 pages! Mrs. Rogers’ class came in 2nd place with a total of 31,791. Ms. Farrell’s class got a total of about 9,000. In total the whole grade got about… 74,729 pages!!!!! So our grade read enough pages for the hour recess!

To reach our goal, we all made a promise to read at least 200 pages in the month of March. If we all read 200 pages, we would have already read 4,000 pages. We all knew that everyone would read more than 200 pages because we are in 5th grade! By just reading what we were told to read we read 4,000 pages plus the rest of the month. Around the first week of March Madness, we already read about 10,000 pages! If we kept that pace up we would have read 10,000 pages in about a week! We would have read 10,000 times 4 which equals 40,000 pages. As you can tell we slowed down a bit, but still managed to read more than 20,000 pages.

Now that you know what March Madness is at Central Elementary School will you set a reading goal to read 1,000 pages as an individual in a month?

By: Emily Smart and Audrey Andrus

The Universities

“Everyone get into your Universities!” In 5-S, we have three Universities: The Middle Colony, New England Colony, and Southern Colony. First, we get assigned into a colony. Next we complete work for to study. At the end, we take a test to see if we pass, and get our BA degree! Then, we get to teach 3 or 4 people in the class who are not in our University about the colonies. It is a bunch of fun, and it feels like you’re in college!

In the Middle Colony, there is good, fertile land, and fantastic natural resources. The colony works well together, highlighting each other’s strengths, and helping each other out. In this colony there is Lamia Lopez, Grace Marino, Chris Pierznik, John Hurly, Brian Kastenberg, Annie Veasey, and Nate Valleau. In the Middle Colony Pennsylvania and New York were created! Doing this is a ton of fun, and you will love it!

In the Southern Colony there is very good natural resources. Our colony works well together to do farming and many other things. We even have a postal mail system. In our colony there is Ella Earp, Gabriella DiMedio, Emily Smart, Chris Amons, Chris Bentley, Alex Roseman and John Butler Basner. We learned about Bacon’s Rebellion, and how Georgia and the Carolinas were created there. Did you know that North Carolina and South Carolina began as one colony?

In the New England Colony there is great water which could be used for fishing. Fishing and trading is very popular for the New England Colonies. The group members of this university are Audrey Andrus, Sofia Hoz de Villa, Anna Chung, Jesse Eible Hargro, Jake Amons, and Scarlett Kinsey. The New England Colony is awesome! One of my favorite things about the New England Colonies is learning about the Salem Witch Trials.

We hope you enjoyed learning about our Colonies (Universities). We worked hard to prepare for everything we had to do, such as receiving our B.A. degree and teaching 3 or 4 students about the colonies. Wish us good luck!!!

By: Lamia Lopez, Ella Earp, Emily Smart, and Audrey Andrus

Social Studies Surprise

We were sitting quietly in class when all of the sudden we heard someone scream, (very loudly!) “THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!! THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!!” a man runs with and a musket and bayonet drawn. We screamed as loudly as we could, frightened. That is how Ned Hector barged into our room unexpectedly.

When you are in 5th grade, you should really watch out for some unexpected surprises. One of those surprises was a soldier named Ned Hector. He was an African American teamster (which means he drove a team of horses) and a bombardier (this means he was 1 of 7 people who fired cannons).

He was also dressed in awesome colonial garb and carried cool supplies. He had so much gear on that we just had to ask if he was hot and sweaty, but he said, “No, I am quite comfortable.”

During the presentation he picked some people to come up and help fire pretend cannons. I am Gabriella, and he picked me to be one of the 7 people to fire the cannon because when he called on me he said….” You know you are woman right, women can’t help! Then I said back, “We are fighting for our rights!!" So my back-story was that I was trying to help in the war by pretending I was a boy and cutting my hair. But I got shot during the war so if I got medical help they would discover I was a girl and not let me in the war. So I ran hiding in the woods and had to get it out of my leg by myself so I took a knife and ripped it out of my leg. Sadly the wound got worse and I needed medical help. So after they found out I was a girl they did not let me back into the war but they did honor me by giving me a half soldiers pension! That is the story of Deborah Sampson.

My mom and dad were Annie Veasey (writer in the story too) and Chris Bentley. They were the best parents EVER!!! They played a huge role in my life. My mom was the best clothes designer around! And I don’t really remember what my dad’s job was because I was 5 then in my other back-story.

Now going back to Ned Hector. Born 1743, died 1834, lived to be 90, wife named Jude, son named Charles. For more information go to

True story written by

Annie Veasey and Gabriella DiMedio

Table Switch

Recently there was a table switch! Innocent children were moved to different tables. Three kids and a sloth left the tables that were being run by dictators and made tables 5 and 6. They will one day come together and become table 11. In the future they will rule the school. But for now, they are planning to come together and win freedom.

Touring Philly

I was on a bus anxiously waiting to go to Philadelphia. I knew today would be the best day of my life as I got off the bus I sniffed the morning smell. I looked around and saw The Mint. Then we went inside, after 40 minutes of looking at how coins are made we walked downstairs and exited the building. They have a gift shop and they also have restrooms. After The Mint we made our way to the Betsy Ross House. The entrance cost was 4.00 (for children) if you would not take the audio tour. You could see where she slept, ate, etc. You could also see the role play actor for Betsy Ross. She shows you how she made the flag and the 5 point star. Later, we left the Betsy Ross house and got to the Chemical Heritage Museum and explored around. They had all this cool science materials and they had a collection of rain water collected each day. They even had 2 terrariums that you could put your head in. Then, we left to go to The Bourse. A good 40 minutes later we ran out of the building because we were afraid we would miss the duck boat tour. Mmm! The Franklin Fountain was our next stop. They have really good ice cream and milkshakes. They also have old fashioned candy and postcards. Last, but not least we went to Independence Hall. They told us about many facts that happened, and there was an upstairs room with artifacts and tables that people from the time period ate on. Overall, this is a place you would love to go if you like history.

By: Sofia Hoz de Vila and Christopher Bentley

Fiction Section


It was a normal day when, Boom! A gigantic slothzilla attacked the empire state building! “Um, what is that?” all the people said. They aimed at Slothzilla but he was hugging the empire state building! They had to get him off. So, they built a giant tree for Slothzilla to climb on. Then, Slothzilla climbed on the tree and fell off, crushing the Independence Hall! The people had to rebuild it, but it exploded every time. So they gave up. Slothzilla then climbed back on the Empire State Building and they could never get him off, so he stayed there forever.

See the movie at the sloth theater soon! And have a SLOTH-TASTIC day!

Article by: John Hurly and Scarlett Kinsey


Please see the attached Crossword Puzzle by Jesse Eible Hargro.


Alex Roseman is the Technical Editor of this publication, and Jesse Eible Hargro is the News Editor.