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Housemaid agency portal is totally informative and displays a huge database of housemaids legally registered under various MOM recognized Housemaid recruitment agencies in the best possible way. The portal is technically supported by the state of the art technicalities that transform the online searching of a housemaid a pleasurable experience for the employer and an absolute smooth sailing for the registered maid agency in Singapore.

Domestic Maid Singapore

A web portal is a website where the content of all its pages are specifically written for a certain group of audience with information and resources that is perceived to be useful to them. Housemaid is an example of such a portal that is specialized in providing the most helpful information and resources regarding hiring a domestic worker in Singapore.

A domestic worker, known as a maid, is usually a female that is hired to help out with the domestic chores in a household. These basic chores includes cleaning the house, ironing the clothes, washing the laundry, cooking meals, and taking care of the young children or elderly person at home. The full time domestic workers in Singapore are usually foreigners who live-in at the employer’s home.

Housemaid portal has a huge database that contains information about all the popular maid agencies in Singapore. The basic information that is available on the maid agencies are their address, contact person, contact number, email address and website. The portal has a section with the latest news regarding hiring a foreign worker in Singapore.

For example, an agency that is fined for submitting work pass application on behalf of another unlicensed agency, compulsory weekly rest day of foreign domestic workers, and unlicensed employment agent fined for operating unlicensed employment agency. This section enables the readers to be updated with the various and latest news that are happening in Singapore.In Singapore, all employers have to contribute an amount of money to all their employees towards their Central Provident Fund which is also known as the CPF.

However, in the case of hiring a foreign domestic worker, this rule is exempted. Even though the employer of a foreign domestic worker is not required to provide CPF for her, there is a foreign domestic worker concessionary levy that is imposed instead. The normal foreign domestic work levy is S$265 which is to be paid every month Ministry of Manpower. In order to cushion the impact of the levy to the household expenses, the Singapore government introduce the concessionary levy for household that has either young child below 16 years old or elderly person above 65 years old.

The concessionary levy also applies to household who has any person with disabilities that demanded a caregiver to look after them on a full time basis. The concessionary levy rate is S$120 instead of the normal S$265. During the Singapore Budget 2015, the Singapore government further reduces this concessionary levy rate down to S$60. This is after consideration that hiring a maid in Singapore has become a necessity rather than a luxury choice for many households in order to take care of any dependable family members staying in the same house.

Housemaid has a listing of maid agencies that is well versed in all the levies involved in hiring a maid in Singapore. A professional staff from these maid agencies will advise potential employers of all the costs involved in hiring a foreign domestic worker, including the latest changes that the government has announced.

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