Year 7 Geography


What Are Maps?

A map is an accurate drawing of the ground as though looked down on from above that tells us where things are such as streets, resturants, bus/ train station etc. There are different types of maps such as.

Topography Map

Topography maps tell us the difference in height in the land.

Choropleth Map

Choropleth maps use colours and shades to tell us certain thing like where it mostly rains and where it is drier.

World Maps

World maps show all the locations f countries and continents as well as the oceans.

BOLTSS- All Good Maps have

Border-To show where the border of the map is.

Orientation-Shows North, East, South and West.

Legends-Shows what little icons mean on the map.

Titles-Tells us what the map is.

Scales-Tells us the distance of things.

Source-Where you got your information.

Importance Of Maps

Maps are important because it shows us where certain things are, such as: streets, resturants, bus stops, etc.

Who needs maps?

Everyone needs maps, so we know where everything is and how to get there.

Get On Google Maps And Search Around!