By Madelyn Peterson

What is Isabel like?

Isabel was a slave growing up in old New York with her sister under her harsh owners. She is strong, independent, brave, and kind to people who treat her with the same respect. She is a character that I personally admire, because even when you think her situation can't get any worse, it does, and she still manages to come up on top. "I threw myself on top of my sister. The broom came down on my back, once, twice, but it didn't matter. I had to keep her safe until the storm passed. " This proves that she has a good character because she put her sister's health, and well being above her own.

What happened to Isabel

The first time she was sold she was separated from her father with her mother, and sister. Then a year later her mother died, a year after that her owner died. She was sold by her owner's only living relative left, even though she and her sister were supposed to be set free after the death of their owner. So in a very unfortunate turn of events the wind up slaves at the Lockton's in New York.

But that's not all that the sisters had to endure. The Lockton's where also important loyalists (meaning that they were devoted to the King of England.) Isabel starts to spy on them for the Patriots, due to a promise that her and her sister would be sent on a ship back to Long Island (where they came from). Long story short, that didn't happen. So when everyone fell through for Isabel and Ruth she took it upon herself to change her own destiny. "I put on my skirt and made my way to the bottom of the stairs. The hour was upon me. 'Twas time to act."

Things that Isabel would bring while traveling