Counselor's Corner Weekly Update

Week 2: August 24th - August 28th

Mrs. Morrison - School Counselor

Intro to the School Counselor

Here is a brief video introducing me and how I support the students at North Chatham!

Intro To School Counselor

Coming Soon...NCE Virtual Tour!!

Be on the lookout next week for a Virtual Tour of North Chatham Elementary! For friends and families who are new to NCE, we are hopeful this video will help make it feel a little more like home!

Week 2: Let's keep rolling!

Wooo-hoo!! We made it through our 1st virtual week! Everyone did a great job and here are some ways to help your child through Week 2 :)

Helping Students Become Independent Learners

Understanding Your Schedule

Teachers have shared their classroom learning schedules with students. With all of the information in those schedules, sit down with your student and take your time going through it! This will likely help you and your student feel more relaxed!

- What times are Zoom calls?

- Where can they find their assignments?

- When are specials (Art, PE, Music, & Library)?

-What time will your student spend outside or playing?

Timer Reminders

As students get into a routine, setting a timer on your phone, tablet, or other device act a an auditory reminder that it is time to log on to Zoom. When they hear the sound, it could be they have 5 or 10 minutes before their next Zoom so it is time to get prepared!

Take a Break!

We all need breaks in our lives! Have your child take a 10-15 minute break between independent activities if needed - it is encouraged! This could be a snack break, dance break, or just having a moment to reset and stretch.

It is also important to note that "play breaks" can be hard to transition out of and back into school mode (for all of us!). Every family is different so we encourage families to do what works for them!

Making a Short List

Reduce the amount of information you and your child visually see by making a "to do" list for the day. This could look a variety of ways but it can help your child more easily visualize what needs to be done!


  • 9:00 - Morning Meeting with my Teacher
  • Watch video on Google Classroom
  • Complete Math lesson
  • Read for 20 minutes
  • Art Class Zoom

Goal Setting & Positive Behavior Rewards

Helping your child set achievable goals for completing their work, having a positive attitude, or trying their best is an awesome way to help build their own self-efficacy. Research shows that children respond best to positive behavior recognition as it helps build their positive perception of themselves!

Goal Setting and Positive Behavior Rewards can look a variety of ways! Here is an example to try if you're interested!

You can find the editable link to the chart below here

Big picture

We are here to help!!

If at any time during the weeks we are out you feel that your child could benefit from chatting with someone from our Student Services team - Mrs. Morrison - School Counselor & Mr. Scholle - School Social Worker - please let us know! We are happy to chat with students as a check in on any anxieties they may be feeling or other issues that are affecting them socially or emotionally. You can email me directly at or Mr. Scholle at

Or fill out the form below!!