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September 6, 2019

From the desk of: Principal Hoese

(You will want to read this before watching the following video)

I have a fear of heights.


But I have challenged myself more and more to get out of my comfort zone.


When my nephew asked me months ago to skydiving, what better way to prove that to myself and take the challenge.


I've learned to say YES to things that gave me anxiety in the past.


"Want to go skydiving?" YES.


"Want to do a backflip gainer out of the plane?" YES.


"Want to get crazy and have some fun while the parachute is open? You're going to pull hard on one handle and corkscrew towards the earth." YES.


"Want to have the greatest day of your life and share it with your friends, family, and framily?" YES.


When my 83-year-old father, Gerald Hoese (whom I lovingly call 'Pops'), asked if I was still going, he told a story of how he could have made $50 more per month in the military if he went airborne. He said, "Why would I want to jump out of a perfectly good plane?"


However, the way he told the story let me know there was a little bit of regret that he had for not taking that chance.


So, he and I would both step out of our comfort zones and go skydiving.


I know my father loves me, but he says it very rarely; when he does you know he means it.


As our plane leveled out at 14,000 feet, I thought I had my chance... I yelled, "I love you, Pops!!!" to which he replied, "Yeah!" (I thought for SURE he would say it in this moment! Haha, I was wrong!)


I share that story to show the importance of stepping out of our comfort zones. The greatest experience I have ever had with my father happened because we both stepped WAY outside of our comfort zones. We always ask kids to "Try something new" or to "Give it a try", but how many times are we unwilling to do the same thing we ask them? As parents and educators, it is important that we model this willingness to step out of our comfort zones as well. One of our greatest memories just might be created there :)


And if you see Pops soon, wish him a happy birthday. He will be 84 years old on September 9.

Pops Goes Skydiving!

SRO Leitzen's Tip of the Week!

Advise students to always try to walk in groups of two or more for safety reasons. Strength in numbers!

Mr. Sitzmore’s Art News

Since the start of school, I've been having the K - 3rd grade kids draw a portrait of themselves. It has been fun seeing how they draw and portray themselves. This exercise shows me a little bit on their ability to draw and illustrate. It’s important that I know their capabilities before we get into projects.

4th Grade

The 4th graders have been encouraged to exceed their limits and they will tell you that drawing a profile portrait is very difficult. I’ve been having the students partner up and draw each others profile. The posers have been finding it difficult to sit still long enough for the “artist” to complete the profile drawing and the “artists” are finding it difficult to draw the posers face in correct proportion. The exercise is important for the students to learn to draw what they see and not to draw what they think they see. This is a time consuming exercise but one that will help me see what the students are capable of. It also shows me the patience of the students. It’s not easy to sit still and not be curious about how they look in the portrait.

This project is definitely a test of the students drawing abilities.

5th Grade

The fifth graders have been looking at abstract art and focusing on an artist who spark their interest. Once they have chosen an artist they will try and use the artists style to create their own abstract piece. I have asked the students to do a little research on their artist and to convince me that they are ready to begin the project by showing me their ideas on paper or on their chromebook. They were excited to see that their chromebooks can be used as a designing tool. I think we will see some awesome art come out of this project.

From the desk of: Counselor Mrs. Meumann

This week I visited the 5th grade classrooms. We discussed the importance of listening with attention. Students did a small group activity in which they had to practice using their listening skills. It never hurts to review listening skills with your children. Good listeners focus on the speaker’s words, ask questions to find out more, repeat back what they have heard, and never interrupt. It’s respectful to listen with attention as it helps you to learn and shows that you care about what others have to say.

STEAM in 1st Grade!

Big picture
First graders in Mrs. Fish's class began working with STEAM bins. The students are given the chance to use their creativity to design and build with different materials. The can use Legos, dominoes, connecting cubes, play dough...lots of options!

2nd Grade Growing Minds!

Students in 2C have been working on growth mindset concepts. They know: mistakes are a chance to learn, they should never quit trying and they can grow their brains with the right amount of effort.

3rd Graders go "GAGA" over the new Gaga Pit! THANKS PTO!

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Volunteers Give the Time of Their Lives!

Last year hundreds of books were processed and shelved, countless stories were read, numerous math facts were practiced, and many young lives were touched by the kindness and caring of those involved in the Fulton Elementary School adult volunteer program.

We are looking for more adults of all ages who would like to spend 1-5 hours a week working in the library and/or directly with students. You might find yourself working with math flashcards, listening to a child read, reading stories, practicing spelling words, processing or shelving books, or assembling awards and materials for students. We will match your interests, talents, and time with teacher’s and student’s needs.

If you are interested, please contact Stacy Germann at Fulton Elementary School (815-589-2911) or at sgermann@riverbendschools.net by Sept. 16th. A kick-off volunteer breakfast will be held in the school library at 8:30 on Wednesday, September 18.

We will talk about the volunteer program and the responsibilities and rewards of being a volunteer. Remember…If you give a child your time, you give a child a chance! Come join us and give the time of YOUR life!

Student Behavior at Home High School Football Games

Updated September 6, 2019:

While we are excited that our elementary and middle school students enjoy coming to home football games to support the Steamers it is important that we have an understanding of the rules and expectation for student behavior. Our priority is to keep our students safe and to allow everyone to enjoy the football game.

For the home games, there will be two additional sets of bleachers on the north end of the field. These bleachers will be marked for each set of students. K-8 students should not be in the HS student section.

Students should not be in the HS building other than in the front commons by the concessions. Students caught in the building will be asked to sit with their parents or leave the premises. These students may not be allowed to return to any home football games this season.

K-5 students must be accompanied by a parent or adult at the games or in the elementary student bleachers. 6-8 students should also be in their set of bleachers on the north end of the

field that are designated for the middle school students. Students are to remain in the bleachers and behave appropriately. Students are there to watch the game. If a student misbehaves, he/she will be asked to go and sit with their parent or accompanying adult. If a student continues to misbehave after this, both the student and the parent or adult will be requested to leave.

No student is to bring any sort of sporting equipment to the game. Again, the expectation is that you are there to watch the game. To ensure that everyone is safe and able to watch the game, students will not be allowed to play any type of game. These games are distracting and could jeopardize student safety.

Finally, students will not be allowed to leave the game once they have entered the gate. Students that leave the game will be required to pay to reenter the facilities. Again, we thank you for your cooperation with helping our students understand these rules and expectations. We are very proud of our Steamers and like to provide and safe and respectful environment for everyone to enjoy the game.


Grandparents Day

Monday, Sep. 9th, 8:30am-2:30pm

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

8:30-9:00 4th Grade

9:10-9:40 5th Grade

9:50-10:20 3rd Grade

10:30-11:00 Kindergarten

1:10-1:40 2nd Grade

1:50-2:20 1st

PTO Wendy's Night

Wednesday, Sep. 11th, 5-7pm

825 North 2nd Street

Clinton, IA

10% of all sales at Wendy's during this time go to the Fulton Elementary School PTO!

#SteamerNation Fridays!

Friday, Sep. 13th, 8am

1301 7th Avenue

Fulton, IL

Each Friday, staff is encouraged to wear any type of #SteamerNation shirt with jeans. We would like to see our students join in our school spirit by wearing any of their #SteamerNation gear, red, or black clothes each Friday with us! "Onward, Fulton! Onward, Fulton! Best school is the state!"
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