Week of September 21st-25th

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~ Huge shout out to EVERYONE for the successful coin drive!! We raised over $2600! Thanks SO much to all who participated and congrats to Jessica Parsons' class for bringing in $218 and winning the pizza party!!

~ The ball chairs have arrived! Let me know ASAP if you would like some in your classroom!!

~ Curriculum Night is next Tuesday! Notes are going home today! Make sure to advertise on your FB pages, newsletters, emails, etc. The you tube video on clubs was emailed last week. Please include that short video in your presentations! The notes about clubs are going home today with students as well!

~ Please know that we try to limit interruptions to your classroom as much as possible. We understand that time is valuable and extremely TIGHT. If you are teaching, and someone walks into your room (whether that be administrators, other teachers, specialists, etc.), please continue on with your lesson. Our main focus is the kids, so if we have something to discuss with you or ask, we will wait until you're finished. Please don't think you need to stop anything that you're doing! Please take this into consideration when visiting other classrooms as well. If you need to ask questions for any specialists and/or teachers who may have different schedules than you, please be cognizant if they are teaching and wait if needed. We want our classrooms to be open forums and welcome visitors, but we also know the kids come first and sometimes teachers can't stop immediately when a visitor arrives.

~ Colleen Clower and Jacque Garcia will be here tomorrow afternoon for walkthroughs. These will be pretty common this year, as all the curriculum coordinators will be scheduling GVC's (go visit classrooms) throughout the year.

~ I'm still looking for some volunteers to walk around classrooms with me and contribute to our discussion we will have on our learning day on October 13th! Thanks to those who have already volunteered! We are starting today, and will be walking around periodically for the next few weeks gathering our FACTS for our discussion on the 13th! Remember, it's EASY! You schedule a time to walk around into other classrooms with me, write down some facts that you see on some sticky notes! That all there is to it! We will use the sticky notes to look at current practices taking place during our learning on the 13th!

~ Please send me your Elk of the Month names by Thursday! The new forms for Elk of the Month are on our campus Canvas page and were sent in an email to you a few weeks back. That is what you can add the picture to, and then send those forms to Lily. She can print and hang them up on our wall.

~Speaking of Lilly- a HUGE shout out to her for making our "Change Your Mindset" bulletin board down by the copy room! It turned out great!! Talk to students about growth and fixed mindsets and have them look at that board, and how we can change our words to change our thinking!


~ Who is ready to recite their class creed? We are eager to hear them! Let Bobby or I know, so that we can come down to listen!

~ Our first spirit rally is this Friday! We will begin at 1:50. Make sure I have your Elk of the Month names so that they can be announced! I'm also looking for some volunteers for a staff activity! :) Let me know if you would like to play!

~ Our PTA fun run is fast approaching (October 23rd). The kickoff will take place during our spirit rally this Friday, but you can ALWAYS start talking about it with your students know. We came up with some pretty FUNNY awards and some crazy things the kids will LOVE if we meet our goal (one of them MAY be that teachers dye their hair certain colors if we reach the pretty lofty goal!). It will be a fun time and a GREAT way to raise some money for our kiddos!!

~ Our PTA Fall Festival is coming up! It will take place on October 29th from 5:30-8:00. The PTA is looking for teacher volunteers to help! You all did AMAZING last year, and they were SO appreciative! Plus, the kids LOVE seeing you all out there and helping out at the booth. It was SO fun last year, and we had a great turnout! We are hoping for the same this year! When you volunteer to help, please let me know, and you will earn:

1. 1 full week of jeans!

2. Sonic drink of your choice!

Thanks so much, we appreciate your support and you working hard to make Elkins events so successful!

Words of the Week

Words of the week for this week are:

Rapport- connecting with others

Ask & Analyze- careful study of something

~ We will finish our PIRATE acronym and have 2 words per week. After that is concluded, we will begin having 6 words every 2 weeks, where one grade level is responsible for one word.

~ Please make sure to hang up your word in your classroom. Each teacher CAN print their word to the color printer in order to hang it up where it is visible to the classroom!

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Dates to Remember

Tuesday, September 22nd: Kori off campus in AM for meeting

Tuesday, September 22nd: Colleen and Jacque here for walkthroughs in PM

Thursday, September 24th: District Bilingual meeting at Elkins @ 3:45

Friday, September 25th: Spirit Rally & FUN RUN Kickoff @ 1:50

Tuesday, September 29th: Curriculum Night (3 rotations)




(Each presentation should be no more than 20 minutes in length. The 5 minutes will allow for transition time between grade levels for parents with multiple families)

Friday, October 2nd: Early Release & Campus Staff Development (PM)

Monday, October 5th: Staff Meeting/Thinking Maps Refresher- 3:00

Tuesday, October 6th: AM- Kori/Bobby off campus at presentation in the morning

Wednesday, October 7th: Kori off campus at Gomez/Gomez admin training

Thursday, October 8th: FUN RUN donations DUE

Kori off campus at training all day

Friday, October 9th: Kori off campus

Monday, October 12th: District Staff Development (NO school for students)

Tuesday, October 13th: Campus Staff Development (NO school for students)

Thursday, October 15th: CPAC meeting after school w/campus planning team (team leaders, Janet, Courtney, Bobby, Kori, Amy B., and Ashley) @ 3:00

Friday, October 16th: Clubs begin @ 2:00

Tuesday, October 20th: ICLE Visit for 2nd and 3rd grade @ Saginaw Elem. (3rd will be 8:00-11:00) (2nd will be 12:00-300).

Wednesday, October 21st- Kori off campus all day at LEAD meeting

Friday, October 23rd: Fun Run during Specials

Week of October 26th-30th: RED RIBBON WEEK

Thursday, October 29th: Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (VOLUNTEERS NEEDED)

Friday, October 30th: Spirit Rally @ 1:50

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