Simply Fractions 3 (Lite)

Emilee Strecker


  • Simply Learning Aid- Makes other Math apps for Elementary math practice including the 2nd and 3rd Addition
  • Grades K-3
  • Covers recognizing fractions as portions through shading, building fractions with a pie chart, and matching the fraction as a number to the fraction as an image.


  • It is free!
  • Drill and practice
  • Includes a variety of ways to represent fractions through pie charts and diagrams
  • Easy to navigate for smaller children
  • Includes variety of activities (shading, building, matching)
  • Aligned with Common Core


  • No competitive component
  • Can't adjust the level of difficulty
  • The lite version only has 3 activities unlocked

In Class Connections

  • Lower levels of DOK: Mostly recall and skill/concept activities
  • To make this app more challenging I would suggest including an activity in which included story problems. Students would be required to provide a diagram with their answer and it would require additional strategic thinking.