Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

by Carter Fedeler


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever occurs the most in Arkansas, Delaware, Missouri, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Tennessee.


The symptoms that you could get from this disease are high fevers, chills, severe headaches, muscle aches, dizziness, vomiting, restlessness, insomnia, and a bad rash


From this disease you could get inflammation of the brain, confusion, seizures, delirium, inflammation of the heart or the lungs, heart failure, lung failure, kidney failure. If this disease is serious it could lead to amputation. If it is not treated, nearly 75% of people die from it.


If treated within 5 days you can avoid complications. Doxycycline, Monodox, Vibramycin are the three most effective drugs to use if you have it.


To prevent this disease you should wear long pants and long sleeves. Use a tick repellent and do your best to tick proof your yard. Check your family and pets for ticks after going out in wooded areas. If you find a tick on you carefully remove it with tweezers.


This disease is caused bye a tick carried bacterium called Rickettsia Rickettsii. This bacterium is carried by the tick called the dog tick. If the tick sucks your blood for 6 to 10 hours then yo have chances of getting this disease.


The most cases are in the summer when the ticks are active. June and July are the Peak months of the year. In Arizona there peak months are April and October.

What organs does it effect?

It effects the kidney and the heart. It also effects the blood vessels. It causes health problems with the brain. It makes a bad rash


In 2008 there was over 2500 cases of the disease. In 6 states in the US were infected, over 19-63 per million people are infected.

Pump It Up(how to keep the public safe)

When you go outside you should use a tick repellent. You should shower after you go outdoors. Stay away from big bushes when you are in the woods. If you go into the woods stay on deer trails or just regular trails. When you get indoors check for ticks on your family. Dry your clothes to kill the ticks. Ask a local vet about ticks and your pet. Be careful were you take your pets.

Pump It Up 2 ( my disease here in Iowa )

Eight cases of the disease were reported in Iowa. Cases ranged from ages 14 to 83 the median is 55. Four of the eight were male and the other four were female. Three of the cases were hospitalized.

Other information of this disease

June and July have the most cases, and January February and December have the least cases. The age at the most risk is 60 to 64. the age at the least risk is 1 year old. It is rare and about 250 to 2000 cases per year. The fever is usually about 104 F to 105 F.


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