Nicaragua Travels

A fun trip for any family!

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Travel Cost

For a family of four, the total cost for your tickets and hotels for a family of four will be $5770.80, including a rental car and average gas prices.
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After Stepping off the plane in the capital city Managua, you and your family will go to your hotel. The Hotel Antigua Estacion Granada.
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Day 1

After waking up and having the free breakfast served at the hotel. You will be sent downtown to see the various sites and have lunch at the Los Ranchos Restaurant.
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Day 2

After a good breakfast, you will be spending the day at the old ruins of Leon and visiting the museums and temples in the area.

Day 3

Today is the day to freely explore any part of Managua that you have missed.

Day 4

After waking up, you will be sent on a short car trip to the neighboring city of San Juan del Sur. Where you will be spending the remainder of your trip. After arriving at your hotel, it's off to the beach!

Day 5

After spending the morning at the beach, you will take a car ride to the Tikal Mayan Ruins to see the ancient Temples at the edge of the city!

Day 6

Today you will be able to take a gentle raft ride down the El Desaguadero river to be able to connect with nature. Food will be provided at this all day event

Day 7

After Packing up, you will be given the day to freely explore any part of the city that you missed on the trip before leaving.