North vs South 1800's

By David M Per. 7

North Transportation in the 1800s

Rivers and railroads were a quick way to sell or transport goods to people all over the country. By the early 1800's there were over 20,000 miles of railroad across the country.

South transportation 1800's

Most of there products and forms of transportation were by river. Cotton was mostly shipped by river to other places to sell or buy.
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North's Economy in the 1800's

People started started to use newly built machines instead of there hands for there work. New inventions and manufacturing methods made goods more plentiful and worth more.

South's Economy in the 1800's

People worked on small farms and used slaves to help grow there crops and other products. Some of the farmers let there slaves go after they bought them because cotton was of little value.

North's geography in the 1800's

Farming was not easy in the north because they did not have good land or soil to grow there crops on. They did how ever have many bays and inlets that were useful for docks and ports for boat and ships.

South Goegraphy in the 1800's

The south had swamps to help grow rice and sugar cane. They had plentiful rainfall and long growing seasons to grow the crops they needed. They had plenty of good soil to grow there crops and plants they needed.

North's Society in the 1800's

The north in the 1800's did not own slaves. Everyone worked in jobs that helped produce or sell products. Slaves did not work for people in the north because there were plenty of jobs for all of the people to make a good living in what they do.

South's Society in the 1800's

In the south there were many slaves. Since there was so much farm land, people used slaves to gather crops and work on the farm. There were many slaves there who were sold to other people and the farmers used them and worked them as hard as they could. The slaves did not have a good place to live and the usually lived in small cabins or bunkers next to the owners house.