Magical Neptune BY IAN PETTA

The coolest planet ever!


What is a planet that is really blue and has really strong winds. NEPTUNE. It's the fourth largest planet and it's the last planet but it's not the end of the solar system. And it's one of the GAS GIANTS its surface is surrounded by gas most of the planet is gas some of it is rock but not a lot of it. Mostly about Neptune is its strong winds and what it looks like and how the name Neptune became,

What Neptune Looks Like

Neptune looks like a bunch of clouds from its winds. It looks like water from space. And it looks blue but no it's red because of the blue clouds that surround its surface are blue and a little white as well. Its clouds form the winds so from space it looks like a ball of gas.

ABOUT ITS NAME Neptune is named after the god of the sea and because they named it like that because Neptune looks like a bunch of bodies of water. And Neptune's symbol looks like Neptune's staff so that's why they named it neptune because there so much stuff related to the god of the sea.

How It Has Such Stong Winds

They form because Neptune orbits faster than other planets. And it's one of the largest. And its rings form into the clouds. And this is why neptune has SUCH STRONG WINDS.


All in all neptune is blue, is a gas planet and is the most interesting planet in the whole galaxy!