Body image

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My definition of Body image

Body image is the way you see your body. A positive body image is that you see your self accurately and your comfortable with your body as is. A negative body image is you aren't comfortable with your body and you don't see it the way you want it to be.

How body image is made and how to stop judging others for there body

Body image is made by the media, they Photoshop to show you hat you want to see and to show you what your not. Even the models in magazines cant live up to the body image the media has put out. We should stop judging other for how there body is cause if they don't feel comfortable with it they may feel depressed and that can lead to other problems like suicide

10 facts about body building

1. Bodybuilders are more insecure than other people

2. 37% of Bodybuilders skip leg day

3. 78% Steroid users won’t admit using them

4. Bodybuilders lie about women, they think they can get women as easy as drinking water

5. Bodybuilders spend 69% on gym/diet stuff

6. People that post frequently pictures from the gym or their diet are lazy

7. Bodybuilding is simple

8. 89% of Bodybuilders love nothing more than compliments about their physique

9. or best results in chest gains train the chest on Mondays

10. Ronnie Coleman won the Mr. Olympia 8 consecutive times

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5 ways you can improve your body image

1. Appreciate what you have, cause it could be worse

2. Do something productive to improve your body image

3. Workout do some activity's everyday so you will feel more comfortable

4. Be around positive people

5. Think positive about yourself