Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

By: Katie Bennett

Why did the Israeli-Palestinian conflict start?

The Palestinians have no control over their rights. This is because the Jews were given control by the EU, so they took over Palestine and renamed it Israel. On November 14 to November 21 in 2012 the Palestinians started an uprising which ended with over a hundred Palestinian deaths and four Israeli deaths.

Why has it continued?

Harsh and unjust laws were implemented that took away Palestinians' right to traverse to certain areas of Israel. They built unlawful settlements, and detained Palestinians, including children and peaceful protesters.

The image depicts Israeli protesters against unlawful treatment of those, mainly Palestinians, in the Gaza Ghetto.

What are the key issues that must be addressed for it to end?

Israel must grant Palestinians freedoms and rights within Israel. There needs to be a better judicial court and government for implementation of just laws and fair persecution of unjust actions. Also, Palestinians must not be barred from certain areas inside of Israel without a serious, fair reason for such.