Tridigital Learning

Past, Present, and Future

Past, Present, and Future

In order to innovate education, we need to understand the successes and failures of past, recent, and up in coming educational practices. This proves crucial because we can't just disregard the former cornerstones of schooling, simply for the sake of wanting to move forward. Elevating the way we run our classrooms and school institutions to new heights is something that no one should be afraid, yet it's an act that many people still fear. However, I believe that in order to help bring out the individual strengths of each student, we need to keep some comfortable practices in place, to show that innovation can work with the old and help us elevate to the new.

Systems of Schooling


MOUSE Squad Story


I think the principles which the MOUSE Squad rest upon are what education is moving towards: students using their own knowledge of technology to help them as individuals, their peers, and their classes progress. Any type of technology is meant to make the lives of the people using it easier. It's up to states, districts, administrators, and teachers to decide how easy they want their GIANT task of educating the next generations to become.

Where Are We Going?!

It's hard to say where education will be in ten, five, or even just three years. As more and more online resources become available and hand-held gadgets become even more prominent, I foresee these things being integrated into the classrooms at a much greater extent. In my classroom, I will utilize every type of technology possible: online resources, smart phones, video streaming, etc.. If I can make it to where students can watch an interactive online lecture the night before class, then I can have more time individually work with students that are struggling or would like to continue on and work ahead. Social Studies can easily become project-based. This is exactly what I would like to do. I do not want to lecture my career away; I want to spend it working hand in hand with students, and technology will only assist me in doing so.