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Ms. Leveque's Weekly Newsletter

From the Desk of Ms. Leveque

I hope this week's Newsletter finds you safe and well. As this pandemic and shutdown continue, there has been an increase in anxiety and concern in the teacher and family community. Most of us are very uncomfortable with so many unknowns in our lives, myself included.

There is some family and teacher concern about what will happen if school does not start as usual in the fall or if we have intermittent shutdowns over the next school year. The district leadership team has started discussions about these scenarios and what options we have to continue learning in either situation. At the Killam School, the School Leadership Team is working to plan the transition to the new school year and consider how best to support students academically, socially, and emotionally in the various scenarios that could occur. The last words in the prior sentence are "could occur" because right now we do not have a clear picture of the future. We do, however, know the following things:

  • Students, families, and staff will need support with connection and returning to school whenever this happens.
  • Our learning plan will need to address the continuation of academic learning when we are not physically in school.

Additionally, the following is being discussed at the school and district level:

  • Plans for retrieving student items from school and returning school items to school
  • Plans for 5th grade recognition

Please keep an eye out for emails from school that will reference this information.

As always, please know that your children are in the hearts and minds of Killam educators every single day and that we are working diligently to maintain connection during this time. With that sentiment, if you did not read the current Grade K-4 Killam Class Placement letter, please click here.

Missing the Killam students,

Ms. Leveque

Specialists' Corner

As specialists continue to think creatively about how to engage with our children, their schedules will be posted for easy access in multiple locations. Besides Google Classrooms, we'll be posting in the Principal Weekly Newsletter and here on the Killam website.

Week of May 17th:

Art with Mrs. Hussey

Live Draw-along

It was wonderful seeing many of you at the weekly draw-along. I hope to see you next week as well! At this point we are still using the Teams platform to come together and the dates, times, and links are included here. All you will need is a pencil and paper. Coloring materials and any artwork you would like to show the group are optional. I would love to see your work posted on our Draw-along Sharing Padlet. https://padlet.com/amyhussey/qkjb1q6rdxi3jmwy

Weekly “Think Outside the Box” Challenge

started this week and the lucky winner is ...GRANT LEWIS!!!!! Congratulations Grant, and thank you to ALL of our entrants. Your creativity is so much fun to witness!

Print the Challenge Page and complete the drawing. Post your creation to our Creativity Challenge Padlet https://padlet.com/amyhussey/3quf61htas5ntive to share and be entered in our weekly raffle. One lucky artist will get a trip to the art studio treasure chest whenever we can be together in person. If you are a fifth-grade winner, come back to visit next year and claim your prize! Winners will be drawn on Thursday at 5:00 PM and announced in Ms. Leveque’s newsletter on Fridays.

Live Sessions:

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grade Draw-along- Tuesdays from 10:00-10:30.


First and Second Grade Draw-along- Thursdays from 10:00-10:30


Library Media with Mrs. Adamo

Mrs. Adamo and my dog Charlie would love to share some more stories with you! Please click this link on Tuesday, May 19th, at 10:30 to join us for story time. If you miss any of Charlie’s story time fun, click on my Padlet to watch Charlie’s read aloud videos (and check out his adorable costumes!) https://padlet.com/kimberlyadamo/Bookmarks

Mrs. Adamo would love to hear more about the stories you are reading! Have a good book to share? Looking for a good book recommendation? Click on this link on Thursday, May 21st, at 10:30 to check in to my virtual book club! Come back again to learn about more fun reading resources or join us for the first time. Check out my Padlet filled with amazing resources to help you find your next great read and to finish reading my featured book choice How to Eat Fried Worms.


Live Sessions:

Story time with Mrs. Adamo and Charlie, Tuesday, 10:30-11:00


Virtual Book Club with Mrs. Adamo, Thursday, 10:30-11:00


PE with Mrs. Snow

Thanks for being able to attend our Killam PE meeting time on 5/11 & 5/13. It was so nice to see you and watch you participate in our mini PE activity!

For this week we will be using different home items to incorporate into PE challenges.

Items you will need:

- 3 Pairs of socks (to make 3 sock balls)

- Empty Laundry Basket or Empty Waste Basket

- Paper Plate (to use on a carpeted area)

Make sure to ask your family for a safe area to participate in for our PE meeting.

Live Sessions:

K-2 PE Meeting – Monday, 10-10:30


3-5 PE Meeting – Wednesday, 10-10:30


Music with Ms. Gallant

This week I will be doing instrument demos for all grades! Come and learn about the four instrument families and see live demos of Saxophone, Trumpet, Flute, Clarinet, and Ukulele!

Live Sessions:

Music Check in with Ms. Gallant K-2, Monday at 12:30


Music Check in with Ms. Gallant 3-5, Wednesday at 12:30


Message from the Curriculum and Learning Office

Please find a letter from the Office of Curriculum and Learning, under the direction of Assistant Superintendent Chris Kelley, here. The letter speaks to Phase III of the remote learning plan, specifically addressing the elementary schools.

Google Classroom training for Parents PreK-5

Parents/Guardians of students in PreK-5 are invited to join Technology Integration Specialist Kathy Santilli for a parent training. The training will highlight some key areas of Google Classroom while addressing some of the most frequently asked questions. The training will be offered live for you to attend but will also be recorded and provided for future reference. In order to ensure the training addresses challenges you are facing, please share any questions or issues on this Google form. Your input will ensure the training is meaningful and targets your needs. There will also be the chance to type in questions during the training session.

Please submit questions to the Google form by Sunday, May 17th.

Our training session will be held Wednesday, May 20th 1:30-2:30 P.M. To access click on the Microsoft Teams link HERE.

Google Form link: https://forms.gle/HU5DZGsbpL7T79Xm9

Training Session link: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting

Reading Memorial Day Performance Celebration

All Reading students, staff, and community members are invited to join together in a musical tribute this Memorial Day, Monday, May 25th. Current 6th-12th band and chorus students at Coolidge, Parker, and RMHS and general music students at all levels are being encouraged to honor those who sacrificed their lives for our freedoms by playing or singing the National Anthem, a patriotic song, an American folk song, or another meaningful piece by an American composer on that day. Teachers will be providing students with appropriate suggestions according to their age and skill level.

If comfortable, students will be sharing their performances with the public by playing or singing outside on their porches and front yards between the hours of noon and 2:00 PM that afternoon. All Reading PK-12 students, staff, and community members are encouraged to come outside to listen or even participate themselves! Performing at the same time will bring a sense of unity to this day, even from our separate homes.

Fourth Annual Summer Groceries Program

The Reading Conference of Saint Vincent de Paul Society is pleased to invite you to share in the Fourth Annual Summer Groceries Program. As in previous years, this free program is being offered to families of students who participate in the National School Lunch Program in the Reading Public Schools during the academic year.

We have a limit of 40 participants this summer. These students will be selected on a first come first serve basis. If the program is already filled when you email us, please consider enrolling in the Reading Food Pantry at the Olde South United Methodist Church, 6 Salem St., Reading.

Groceries will be distributed on the ten Wednesdays of the summer starting on June 17, 2020 through August 19, 2020. This summer your groceries will be delivered to your home in Reading by our partners at the Knights of Columbus Organization.

Register your child(ren) with us by providing us the following information:

  1. The last name of the child(ren)
  2. Number of students in your family
  3. The address where you would like us to drop off these bag(s)
  4. Which OUTSIDE door you would like us to drop off these bag(s)
  5. Send this information to us via email at st.agnes.reading.svdp@gmail.com

VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although we are very sensitive to friends with food allergies, we are not able to meet everyone’s personal needs. Just as you would shop in a store, we ask you to select the items for your family; and if there is something that you cannot use, please pass it on to someone else.

All the best wishes to you and your family for a safe and healthy summer,

Alicia Gallagher, Coordinator of Summer Lunch Program

Killam Classroom Teachers

We are also pleased to announce our general education classroom teachers for the 2020-21 school year.

Kindergarten: Mrs. Boran, Ms. Cole, and Mrs. Wheaton (Half-Day K classroom)

First Grade: Ms. Cannata, Mrs. Pegoraro, Mrs. Rice, and Mrs. Walker

Second Grade: Ms. Binns, Mrs. Gramolini, Ms. McMahon, and Mrs. Nawrocki

Third Grade: Mrs. Bruno, Mrs. McGinnity, and Mrs. Treacy

Fourth Grade: Mrs. Encarnacao, Ms. Rees, and Ms. Vetal

Fifth Grade: Mrs. Gustafson, Ms. McGuire, Mrs. Palmieri, and Mrs. Sweeney-White

Killam Remote Learning Communication Schedule

We want to be mindful of how overwhelming it can be to receive multiple emails a day. We hear you and are attempting to streamline the information for you. If information changes, we will update you.


Classroom teachers: Classroom teachers will communicate enrichment opportunities either on a daily basis or weekly basis, depending on the grade level team decision. In addition, you will receive check-ins and live opportunities to see if you need any clarification or support multiple times a week.

Special Education teachers: If your child receives special education services, an email with enrichment opportunities for your child will be sent on Tuesday. You should also have received an individual Continuation of Learning Plan from your child's liaison. In addition, you will receive check-ins and live opportunities to see if you need any clarification or support multiple times a week.

NEW Specialists (Library Media, Art, Music, and Gym): An email with enrichment opportunities for your child will be posted on Google Classrooms on Wednesday or daily, depending on the grade level team decision. Information regarding live enrichment opportunities will be posted Friday under the Specialists tab on the Killam website and in the Principal's Newsletter. Your child's Google Classroom will also have the weekly information.

Principal's Weekly Newsletter: An email will be sent out on Friday and previous newsletters will continue to be posted on the Killam website.

Closure Information: Access to links and information will be posted on the Killam and RPS District websites.

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About These Services

The Town of Reading contracts with William James College to offer a special service for our residents. The William James INTERFACE Referral Service maintains a mental health and wellness referral help line Monday through Friday, 9 am-5 pm, at 888-244-6843 (toll free). This is a free, confidential referral service for individuals across the lifespan living in Reading. Callers are matched with licensed mental health providers from our extensive database. Each referral meets the location, insurance, and specialty needs of the caller. Click here to learn more!