The Lioness and the Lion

Kennadie Campbell

One time, a young lion king was wandering on the African Savannah. When he reached the watering hole, he saw Leon a the lines. "Hello! How happy I am to hear that you are running for president this year! Lane the lion lied. "But, I must say, a woman for president? Ha ha, no way" the lioness was too modest to make a comment to the immature lion. In stead, she eplied "Don't talk if you can not prove, young lion." s many months passed, the lioness became favored in more and more eyes through out the animal kingdom. When the voting day come, many animals voted for the lioness. She became president of the African Savannah. As for the lion, he learned many things.

Moral: Don't judge by gender, and only say what you can prove.

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