Adolph Hitler

Reward: $1,000,000


Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 to Klara and Alois Hitler. As a kid, he did extremely well at his school and was considered to have a bright academic future in front of him. He is very popular around his peers and is admired for his leadership skills. Hitler was very religious as a child and was considered the possibility of becoming a monk. His favorite subject in school was history and eventually grew up with military knowledge.
As we all know, Hitler had successfully became dictator of Germany. This accomplishment was achieved due to "LIMP PAPER". These causes were long-term bitterness, ineffective constitution, money, propaganda, program me, attacks on other parties, personal qualities, economic depression, and recruited by Hindenburg. He persuaded German citizens to vote for him as dictator because he promised them "change". Hitler also despised Jews so he sent them to concentration camps, where they were to work and then eventually be gased and cremated. Hitler wanted to control all of Europe and stop any group in his path.

Central Beliefs

-Believes in having leadership similar to Kaiser.

-Believes that minorities like Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and people with mental disabilities should be killed.

-Wants the population of Germany to increase.

-He believes that Germany should conquer all of Europe.

-Believes that kids should go to youth camps where they can learn about his political views and grow up to be like him.

-Believes that religion is a threat to society.

Reasons Why Wanted

-Violated the Treaty of Versailles by invading Austria and rebuilding his army.

-Killed millions of Jews in concentration camps.

-Wants to dominate Europe.

-Violation of civil rights for minorities.

-Wants to disrupt European culture.