I Want, I Need, I Will

Anna Hink

A Need Is

something necessary for life.

I Need

A Want Is

something unnecessary but desired by a person; improves the quality of life.

I Want

A Value Is

a belief or practice that is important or worthwhile to an individual

I Value

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Educational Goal

I want to earn a 90% on tests, quizzes, and labs in College Chemistry in order to achieve a 90% or higher in College Chemistry by the end of this semester. This is a realistic goal because if I work to finish my assignments on time and study for each test, an A will be achievable.
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Financial Goal

I'm going to save up all of my tip money from my job in order to save up $500 in 2 months so I can put some money in my savings. This is a realistic goal because my tips make up a majority of my check and if I was to save all of my tips, I could easily still have spending money. The spending money being my checks.