Centeral tx

Diddly went missing on Feb. 26, 2013 at HCR 4224 Hillsboro, tx.

My puppy's name is Diddly. He is around 1-3 years old. He has a long body like a dachshund, with longer, stout legs. He is blue heeler color or blue merle, with white under belly. His most distinctive & only Diddly features are his eyes.(this is from his stand point,) (if your facing him, it will be opp. of what is being listed.) His right eye is brown, & his left eye is split vertically, the right portion blue & the left portion brown. When he's excited or scared in anyway, he pee's in the floor. When scared by other dogs, he lays on the ground on his side(like surrendering) & doesn't fight back. He has a scar/small hole on the outside tip of his ear, when he got bit. He is not fixed or chipped when we had him. He can run pretty fast, loves to sleep in blankets but is protective of them & always chews phone cords in pieces! If anyone has seen him or would like to help in anyway with information, it would be deeply appreciated! If someone has Diddly, I only want my dog back. Whether he was picked up, stolen, or sold. I'm getting him back no matter what! Since he went missing we changed locations a couple months after. The address above (HCR 4224) is no longer mine, it is a former residence & only listed for missing info. purposes only. Contact by email only. ~~ bestsummer04@gmail.com ~~