Beautiful Feet

My Journey to the Berbers of North Africa

December 29th

My departure date to France! I'd greatly appreciate all your lifts as I set out on this journey!

Held Hostage

Never did I think I'd give someone money to kidnap me, but...

Earlier this month I spent four INTENSE days grappling to survive in a security inoculation training.

Aka, psychologists say if I am shot at/kidnapped/held hostage/tormented once, I should be able to survive a second time.

I ran. I cried. I prayed. More importantly I learned how to navigate:

  • A bombing/shooting/stabbing
  • Being taken hostage by radicals
  • Government detainment
  • Government interrogations
  • A carjacking
  • Roadside checkpoints
  • Evasive driving
  • Detecting surveillance

We also learned how to prevent these situations from happening - my favorite part!

I definitely feel more prepared to tackle whatever this lil' adventure called life throws me!

My New Home

Bottom Left: The location of my French school in Massy, France - a suburb of Paris!
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Password: john1:5


Account: 112306