April 30, 2021

Message from Principal Cullinane

Good afternoon Nashoba students and families -

We have had a great first week back of full return. We appreciate students' cooperation with mask wearing, new hallway directions, and following the new lunch protocols. Your cooperation ensures we can continue to operate as safely as possible.

We do have a few important logistical notes:

  • Due to COVID protocols students must be pre-approved for buses. Students might normally switch buses to go to a friend's house, etc. This is no longer an available option.
  • Parent/guardian drop-off: Thank you for your cooperation and patience as we continue to work through the best traffic patterns. Please be mindful of speed; we have seen too many parent/guardian vehicles travel too quickly for our campus.
  • Lunches: Lunches are free to all students this year. All students are able to get a lunch at the lunch lines, no questions asked.

Steve Cullinane

Interim Principal


We will continue to follow our schedule rotation. Here is the schedule for next week.

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Seniors - Nashoba Speech

Seniors please review the following Google Doc for more information about the Nashoba Speech.

MCAS Update - 10th Graders

All 10th graders are required to take the ELA and Mathematics MCAS exams this June. (The class of 2023 is not required to take the STE MCAS.) Students will take the computer-based “next-generation” tests unless a previous accommodation for a paper-based test has been arranged, and high school students must take the exam in person. This year, the MCAS administration will take place on June 3rd and 4th (ELA) and June 8th and 9th (Math) during the regular school day. June 10th and 11th will be reserved for make-up exams.

MCAS Reminder - 11th Graders

On April 20th, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved modifications to the CD requirements for the class of 2022 in ELA and Mathematics (the requirement in STE was previously modified), meaning Grade 11 students do not need to pass the MCAS ELA and Mathematics tests in order to earn their CD. However, Grade 11 students may choose to participate in the MCAS ELA and Mathematics tests for scholarship eligibility purposes.

Please review this memo from our Guidance Department for information on how to determine whether to participate in MCAS. If you are interested in taking the MCAS exam this June, please contact your guidance counselor by May 3rd.

Lunch Update

Yesterday and today were our first full lunch periods. We were so pleased with how the students handled themselves and the new protocols. We so appreciate their cooperation and their help keeping spaces clean. Our students were outstanding!

There are two locations for students to get their lunches - in the traditional line located in the cafeteria, and in the lower gym.

For seating, students are able to utilize the main cafeteria or the the lower gym. Optional outdoor seating is available in the inner courtyard, and the outside area behind the cafeteria. We are utilizing tents for the outdoor areas. Students just need to remember that if they choose the outside eating areas, only two students are allowed at each table, and they must be facing the same direction. In addition, students should always remain seated while eating or drinking, and must put their masks fully on when standing up and walking around.

Students, please remember that lunch is free for all students!

Seniors' Last Day

The last day for seniors is Friday, May 28th. The following week (May 31st - June 3rd) is senior final exam week and we will provide more information about what that week will look like in a future newsletter.

Relay For Life

Top three fundraising teams last week for Relay for Life are:

#1) Walking Bass Line - $5889

#2) Our Gang - $1211

#3) Cancer Conquerors - $255

Keep up the good work!