It won't be long and you will all be heading to Jamaica! I know you will all fall in love with this beautiful country and it's warm and welcoming people. In an effort to make your trip all that it can be, I have included some additional tips below that should prove helpful.

The suggested currency for Jamaica is the USD. Most vendors in resorts/tourist areas will charge in USD and do prefer to receive the USD. Jamaican dollars will also be accepted, but the exchange is better for the USD. Credit cards are accepted as well by many vendors, however not all will be equipped to accept credit cards in smaller venues.

We recommend that you contact your credit card company/bank BEFORE you depart to alert them to the fact that you will be traveling so that they do not freeze your accounts when they suspect unusual activity (from Jamaica)


Jamaica operates on 110 volts/50 cycles as standard electricity. They use the same two-pronged outlets that we are familiar with in Canada.


No vaccines are required for travel to Jamaica. Please be sure to bring along bug spray to protect from mosquito bites. Many travelers to the Caribbean opt for the Twinrix shot to prevent Hepatitis, but this is a matter of personal preference. Please discuss with your family doctor.


Jamaica operates under Eastern Standard Time. They do not observe Daylight Savings Time. Toronto operates on the same time zone.


In Jamaica they drive on the LEFT hand side of the road. Canadian driver's licenses are accepted, however additional insurance is highly recommended.


If any of you have a metal hip or knee replacement, cochlear implant or pacemaker, PLEASE be sure to obtain a physician's letter advising such and confirming that you cannot proceed through the metal detector.

If bringing any prescription medicines, please keep them in the original prescription bottle and carry them in your carry-on luggage. Aspirins, Imodium, etc are fine in your checked luggage.


Safes will be provided in your rooms. A better option, however is to bring along a combination lock and LOCK YOUR VALUABLES in your suitcase after arrival. From my experience the in-room safes are questionable as they CAN be opened by the staff in the event that you forget your combination.


Jamaica claims that their water is purified and safe to drink, however to avoid any tummy issues I would recommend drinking bottled water wherever possible, ESPECIALLY when off the resort. Remember that most tummy troubles are caused by something you have drank, not eaten. When off the resort, try to stick to alcoholic beverages that do not include ice.


Please take at LEAST two full sized bottles of good sunscreen. Aloe vera gel is also a good idea to soothe sunburned skin. Please bring along at least one hat that offers shade and of course sunglasses. Beach cover-ups or T-shirts are also a good idea to cover burning skin while sitting by the pool/on the beach.


This list is not comprehensive as everyone travels differently, but here are a few items that you should consider packing:

  • Sunscreen and aloe vera gel
  • Tylenol
  • Imodium (or equivalent)
  • a few bandaids
  • Polysporin lotion
  • antibiotic eardrops (pool water can cause ear infections - especially in children)
  • Photocopy of your passport
  • Address for Canadian Embassy (see below)
  • Insurance card
  • Men: at least one pair of long pants and collared shirts (for dinner)
  • Men: at least one pair of closed toe shoes
  • Women: Several light dresses or skirts, dressy slacks/tops for evening
  • Women: Tampons or sanitary napkins if required
  • elastics/bobby-pins, headbands, etc
  • inflatable pool chairs or toys/frisbee
  • combination lock or lock and key to secure your valuables in your luggage
  • luggage scale
  • hair straightener/curling iron
  • good book
  • Bubba Mugs or similar thermal insulated mug to keep your drinks cold and free of sand all day
  • Camera or phone AND any applicable charger

Street address:
3 West Kings House Road
Waterloo Road Entrance
Kingston, Jamaica

Mailing address:
Canadian High Commission
P.O. Box 1500
Kingston 10

Telephone: (876) 926-1500
Fax: (876)733-3493
Email: kngtn@international.gc.ca


    29, Gloucester Street
    Montego Bay

  • TELEPHONE (+1 876) 632-0371
  • FAX (+1 876) 632-3690

  • EMAIL: cancon@flowja.com

  • Mrs Lillian J. Crichton, Honorary Consul