Hurricane Survivor Stories

The story of three young heroes

Katrina Strikes Baton Rouge, Louisiana

In the hustle and bustle of morning events, Hurricane Katrina swept its way into Louisiana. And among those affected was young De'Monte Love, age six. Who was seperated from his mother approximately four days after Katrina made land-fall in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. So he had to rescue five other toddlers under the age of six all by himself.

Rockaway, New York

Ariel and Matt

Ariel, 14, and Matt, 17, both live in Rockaway, NY, and were also both affected by Hurricane Sandy. Which traveled up the east coast like a highway. Their small community was shattered, and Ariel decided to take up an indirect approach to helping her community by setting up a facebook page for hurricane survivors. Meanwhile, Matt decided to take the direct facing of the problem, durring the storm, he heled save his Grandmother and her dog while walking through frigid and murky water. Then after the storm, he helped his family/neighbors work on repairing their homes and yards.