Principal Update

Kittitas Elementary School


Dear Parents,

Thank you for the amazing effort and flexibility you demonstrated last week! We had awesome student participation on our eLearning pages as well as Zoom meetings. We also received awesome feedback from several different parents. Below are key takeaways from this feedback, so please take a second to review carefully.

1) Tech Glitch #1 - District Chromebooks drop WiFi every 10-15 minutes. We are aware of this and are working diligently to fix this issue. In the meantime, hang in there.

2) Tech Glitch #2 - District Chromebooks have content filters. The good thing is these filters keep students safe from unwanted content. The bad thing is the filters sometimes block desired eLearning content. We are aware of this and are trying to modify the filters and select YouTube videos that work 100%.

3) eLearning workload - We had several parents write in and tell us there are too many assignments and confusing deadlines. We hear you! We will be addressing this concern this week and will make adjustments to make eLearning manageable for you. By the end of the week you will know exactly what is expected of you and your student. Thanks for the patience as we figure this out.

4) Regression - Many parents asked me how important continued learning is during the Covid-19 closure for next year. Answer--eLearning and learning packets are essential because they limit "regression." Regression is "the loss of learned skills, usually after breaks in instruction such as after summer vacation. It is also known as slippage, loss of skills, failure to maintain skills or a lack of maintenance and generalization of skills." We want to avoid this at all costs, so putting in time everyday really does count. For more information on learning regression, click here

5) eLearning Expectations - Teachers have published expectations for learning page participation and Zoom meetings. Please be sure to review these documents with your son or daughter. As we move forward, please be sure to respect teacher family time and try to conduct communication as close to normal working hours as possible. If this is not possible due to your own work commitments, please make arrangements with your teacher.

As always, if you have anymore questions or concerns, please reach out and let us know what you thinking. Once again, thank you for your continued care and grace during this unprecedented time. #COYOTESTRONG

My Best,

Del Enders

KES Principal

Key Dates

  • 4/20 & 4/24 Zoom Meetings, Grades PK-2, 9AM-9:15AM (See Seesaw for Invite)
  • 4/21 & 4/23 Zoom Meetings, Grades 3-5, 10AM-10:30AM (See Google Classroom for Invite)


  1. KES Continuous Learning Schedule
  2. All previously scheduled Kinder Info Nights and Round Up days are postponed. However, we are still accepting registration at this time. Please submit a enrollment request here:
  3. School Counselor Services, Tu-Th, 11 AM - 12 PM and 1 PM - 2 PM. Click here to access video chat
  4. Know someone in need of internet. Have them call Consolidated Communications 1.844.YOUR.CCI.
  5. KES Twitter
  6. For students in grades 3-5, here is a Google Classroom Cheat Sheet. Click here
  7. For students in grades PK-2, here are the top 5 tips for Seesaw Learning. Click here to watch
  8. How to join a Zoom Meeting?
  9. If your child has received a district Chromebook, their is a specific way to login in and setup WiFi. Click here for instructions
  10. If you need technical support, send email to