the alaskan moose

The physical appearance of a moose

moose are the biggest member of the deer family weighing 1,000 to 1600lb and loose 30% of there weight in the winter. Male moose are hunted for there large antlers. Moose Have long legs, a heavy body, a small tail, a drooping nose, and a bell or beard. the color of a moose depends on the time of year and the age and are golden brown or black.

How moose live

On average moose live for 20 years. Moose can be found in the coniferous forest of Northerner America Europe and Russia with a total population of 240,000. The diet of a moose consist of leaves, small branches, and shrubs in the winter and pond weeds in the summer.Moose are hunted for there large anteaters meet and fur and were and necessary part of life for native Americans. today it is illegal to to pet or feed a wild moose and there are several protected park for the m to graze year round.