Endeavour Library Newsletter

September 2018

September is almost over so it is time to start the monthly Library newsletter :) This newsletter is intended mostly for teachers (although I have it on my website for parents as well) to inform you on what is going on in the library in hopes of creating collaboration. I would love to connect library lessons to what you are doing in the classroom.

What's Going on in the Library this month?

Global Read Aloud

As I mentioned in my email, the Global Read Aloud starts early October and is a great way to read a good book with your students and connect to other classes all over the world. Let me know if you are interested and sign up as I would love to help with this project!

Technology Tips

It can be overwhelming at times faced with all the technology available to teachers. I try and do one (sometimes two!) new things a year. For me this year, that new tech tool is Flipgrid. I will be helping discuss this in the Spring for one of our tech sessions but would be happy to go over it one on one with you if interested.

My second tech tip is that I finally joined Twitter! I am using it in a nerdy way instead of a social way, following authors, tech people, and other teachers and librarians. I have learned a lot so far from it and feel like it is a good way for me to grow my PLC (personal learning community).

If YOU are trying something new, I would love to hear about it (and provide support if you need it!) I have openings in my schedule throughout the week and would be happy to travel to your classroom if you are using tech and feel like an extra set of eyes/hands would help!

Thank you to Ms. Kirschenman's 4th Grade Class!

Ms. K's class needed to get chapter books at their level so she scheduled a separate time to come into the library with her class so they could all find one. If your class is doing a project or needs a certain book for class, let me know! That is what a library is for :)

Thanks for Reading!