Sioux Central CSD Schools Reopening Recommendation

The Covid-19 has certainly disrupted our lives. This has certainly impacted our students of all ages. Our students need to be in school. The children need to return to learning safely, but more importantly, they need the structure and socialization that school provides.

Sioux Central Community Schools have gathered input from parents and staff. We have followed the guidelines of the CDC and the American Association of Pediatrics. We are aware of what other schools in Iowa are planning to safely bring students and staff back to school. With little guidance from the state and federal departments of education, we have certainly struggled with a clear direction.

Recently, Governor Reynolds issued a proclamation that took the full-online option as a choice for school districts off the table. The proclamation stated that schools must provide face-to-face learning for at least 50% of a child’s instruction. However, students and families may be provided the choice to select online learning with a medical note.

We understand that we can not and will not meet the wants and expectations of some. This is a very difficult issue as leaders to make a decision and move forward.

Superintendent Recommendation:

It is my recommendation that Sioux Central Community School district reopen for classes on August 24th as follows:

  1. Schools will open for full attendance for all Sioux Central Students

  2. Attendance and participation are required for all students of compulsory age

  3. Masks or face shields will be highly recommended for students however in certain settings students may be required to have a face covering (i.e.:where social distancing isn't possible, larger class sizes, staff /student with compromised health in class, etc.) We ask that you prepare your children for this possibility.

  4. Sioux Central School Staff will be highly recommended to wear masks or face shields when interacting with students or when they are not able to social distance

  5. Families/Students will have the option to attend school remotely/online if there is diagnosed and medically-supported health condition or other considerations discussed with administration

***There will be a form available to families at registration that will allow them to select the remote/online option. This must be filled out, approved, and on file at the school for remote/online learning to be considered.

Expectations For Students Who Choose Remote/Online Learning:

    • Students/families who choose to attend remotely will be graded.

    • Participation and attendance will be mandatory (truancy rules will be enforced).

    • If a student chooses to begin the school year in the remote format, they must remain in the remote option until the end of a quarter.

    • A student may change from physically attending school to the remote format at any time if a medical issue arises and the school receives medical documentation.

****A COVID-19 Team will be assigned to students learning using the remote/online option and this team will work with all teachers to ensure student success!!


  • Busing will be available for those students who absolutely need it. We ask all families to use other transportation if and when possible

  • For those students who need transportation, both out-of-town and in-town busing will be available

  • Masks will be highly recommended on buses

  • The driver will assign seats on morning and evening routes

  • Extra Cleaning/Sanitizing will take place on buses


  • Adding additional lunch tables to spread students out in both the commons, gymnasium, and outside when weather permits

  • Grab and Go Breakfasts to bring to classrooms to avoid K-12 morning cafeteria congestion

  • Recess will be run as normal, encouraging students to play at their grade level

Protocols for Dealing with Covid Related Illnesses

  • District nursing staff and public health officials have developed protocols based on current guidance from the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) and the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • None to minimal community transmission (0-5%): At this level, schools are suggested to continue on-site learning following public health guidance, or hybrid learning as necessary based on parent preference and student quarantine.
  • Minimal to moderate community transmission (6-14%): Schools are suggested to continue on-site learning following public health guidance, or hybrid learning as necessary based on parent preference and student quarantine.
  • Substantial controlled community transmission (15-20%): Schools are suggested to follow hybrid learning plans as necessary based on parent preference and student quarantine. Schools can request the Department of Education to transition to continuous remote learning for up to 14 days.
  • Substantial uncontrolled community transmission (more than 20%): Schools can request the Department of Education to transition to continuous remote learning for up to 14 days
  • Each illness and the people who may be affected or exposed to Covid-19 will be addressed.
  • Protocols in place will help to isolate those who may test positive for Covid-19 and quarantine those who may have been close to someone for more than 15 minutes with a positive diagnosis.

School Trips/Field Trips /Visitors

There will be no student school trips or field trips for at least the first semester of the year. We also will not be allowing visitors in the building without an appointment. Parents will be asked to wait for their children outside the building.

More Information Will Come As We Receive It:

Data and circumstances will change and guidance and recommendations are rapidly changing with this. We will need to adapt as needed and be flexible and understanding.

Sioux Central Community School District does not take these decisions lightly. School is no longer how we saw it before COVID-19, and we must be ready and understand there will be a new normal. We are hopeful that by following CDC guidelines, including the highly recommended wearing of face coverings, we will be able to slow the spread of Covid-19. Following these guidelines will also provide us with a greater chance of keeping our students in schools for the 2020-21 school year. Our students missed out on spring activities, field trips, prom, traditional commencement, and the ability to be with their classmates and friends. The recommendation to wear face coverings by students and staff is one thing that we can do to slow the spread.


Kevin Wood

Sioux Central CSD Superintendent