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September Newsletter

Practice makes Perfect

In order to keep the kids up to date on our procedures in handling emergency situations, the corporation routinely practices bus evacuations annually because our kids safety is priority number one.


September 15th is considered International Dot Day. International Dot Day was created by Peter H. Reynolds for his book The Dot. The Dot is the story of a caring teacher who dares a doubting student to trust in her own abilities by being brave enough to “make her mark”. What begins with a small dot on a piece of paper becomes a breakthrough in confidence and courage, igniting a journey of self-discovery and sharing, which has gone on to inspire countless children and adults around the globe. Every year millions of students and teachers connect on this day to celebrate creativity courage and collaboration. This year, to celebrate Dot Day, the Kindergartners colored coffee filters with markers and sprayed them with water to make the colors spread during their Library time. Each grade was able to do the same and each one was hung up inside the library to create a big dot.

Fun Farm

The first graders took a field trip to the Johnson's Farm Produce in Hobart on Sept. 27th. They got a presentation on how Johnson's produce grows, a hay ride tour through their U Pick fields, hands on picking experience, and, 30 minutes in the Fun Farm before lunch.

Photo Gallery

Welcoming Fred and Daisy

Mrs. Augsburger, one of the resource teachers, has leopard geckos in her class. The geckos are a class pet and are part of her classroom token economy. “Each student has the opportunity to earn a sticker for good work, good behaviors, or what the kiddos are working on. After they earn 10 stickers on a chart, they can pick from the 'Treasure Chest,' ” said Mrs. Augsburger. Inside the “treasure chest” there are lots of fun tangible items along with cards with intangible rewards such as holding the geckos. Elaine Cordell and Rayah Whiteman were able to take out the geckos after earning their 10 stickers.

Bringing it Back

During the week of September 23rd, the school held College Go Week. College Go Week is an initiative of Learn More Indiana that promotes a pro-college atmosphere. The week consisted of showing school spirit by supporting Lake Central’s Homecoming and College Go Week. Each day the kids were able to participate with spirit. On Monday the kids were able to wear school appropriate pajamas for Pajama Day. On Tuesday the kids were able to dress up for Decades Day. On Wednesday was Blue and White Day. Thursday was College Shirt Day. Friday the kids were able to dress for a career for Career Day.

Upcoming October Dates:

PTO Walk-A-Thon

October 9th

End of the 1st quarter

October 14th

Fall Break-No School

October 24-25

Halloween Parties @1:30

October 31st

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