Animal Lovers should be one!


Agriculture, food, and natural resources
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How to Become 1

A Bachelor's degree is required but a Master's degree allows you to do higher investigative or scientific work. A Ph.D. will give you independent research and research university positions.
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What do Zoologists do?

  • Study characteristics of animals
  • Collect biological data and specimens
  • Research what influence humans have on wildlife and natural habitats
  • Develop and conduct experiments with animals in controlled or natural surroundings
  • Give presentations about research to academics and the public
  • Travel the world!

Work Environment

Indoors/Outdoors? Both

Office/Fieldwork? Both

Type of dress for work? Depends on environment and camera

Individual work/Group? Both

Average Salary

$28.02 per hour; $58,270 per year
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Things you get to do!