Muhammed Ali

Event of Recognition

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Muhammed Ali's recognition

Saturday, Feb. 28th, 2pm

Celebration Dr

Mississauga, ON

Come join us at celebration square on Feb,28th 2015 to recognize Muhammed ali's accomplishments and his impact around the world.

Struggles in Life

Three years after retirement, Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.Parkinson's disease is a genetic condition, resulting in loss of motor skills, speech and dementia.In 1964 Cassius Clay joined the religion of Islam and changed his name to 'Muhammad Ali' Due to religious believes, Ali refused to serve in the military. In 1967, he was ordered to go to the military. Ali did not cooperate and was stripped of his boxing title. “Cassius Clay is a slave name. I didn’t choose it and I don’t want it. I am Muhammad Ali, a free name – it means beloved of God – and I insist people use it when people speak to me and of me. “- stated Ali when asked about his name.

Help around the world

Muhammad Ali has been a big influence on charities around the world. He has up to date supported 19 charities including Ali Care Program,Muhammad Ali Center,Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, UNICEF and many more.He supports the foundations for “AIDS, Children, Family/Parent Support, Health, Homelessness, Human Rights, Hunger, Literacy, Mental Challenges, Miscellaneous, Physical Challenges, and Poverty. ”Today Ali is seen as a man who didn’t allow his freedom of speech to be taken away during a time when he needed it most.Standing up for his religious beliefs has allowed people to stand up against what they don’t agree with. Other than being known as an African American icon he is known as the best boxer of all time.

Ali's impact around the world

Ali has made an impact on people after his boxing days were behind him as well. His battle with Parkinson’s disease has allowed him to extend a hand to others who are affected by the same disease. During his boxing career Ali slowly progressed into Parkinson’s disease. He was diagnosed in 1984 at the age of 42; it took 3 years for the disease to be diagnosed.He recently visited Iraq to secure to return of hostages. He recently established The Muhammad Ali Center, in Louisville Kentucky. He is known as a good role model, but most importantly a fine American and a devout muslim.