FCA Donuts

All NMS students in ALL GRADES are invited!

Join us at Andrew's House EVERY Friday 7:40 am


-Andrew is hosting FCA Donuts this Friday at 7:40 am.

-Anyone is welcome (any grade/sport or no sport)

-Bring someone new and you BOTH get candy!

-Please share/forward this email on to anyone interested!

Contact Us:

Andrew, Ron & Tami Saren

We live across from MHS & NMS

678.595.6606 Tami cell or 678.699.0004 Andrew Cell

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What is FCA & FCA Donuts?

What is FCA?

FCA (fca.org) stands for Fellowship of Christian Athletes and is for ALL students. They will sing songs, talk, pray, etc. Some weeks they will hear a guest speaker or Milton teens. The club meets every Friday at 8:15.

What is FCA Donuts?

We host FCA Donuts at our house at 7:40 am so the kids can grab a quick donut and walk to school together to attend FCA.


Ms. Lewis (PE), Ms. Olson (7th), Mr. Swanburg (PE), and Mr. Rembert (7th)

Food signup:

If you would like to bring supplies, you can sign up here http://vols.pt/hg7ekQ. Feel free to drop off the supplies the night before or bring them in the morning and stay to help. This is voluntary, but we really appreciate the help!