Field of Poppies

Fired up and Ready to grow!

Poppies.... It's time to plant and blossom!

Conference was a truly amazing event. Yes it was wonderful to see everyone and to have some time away. But even more than that, I saw what Pure Haven Essentials is all about and I have to tell you, it's better than I could have ever imagined. The direction, the vision and the safeguards that are present in this company, while aligned with the message and vision that Ava and Kim laid as ground work, is exactly what I was looking for. With quality control that is unparalleled. I'm fired up! And ready to blossom and grow.
OFFICIAL Somewhere over the Rainbow - Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwoʻole

Why reformation?

With the change over to Pure Haven Essentials, the company is completely committed to transparency and safety. Each vendor and ingredient has undergone scrutiny by Quality Control including requiring vendors to sign affidavits. If an ingredient or vendor failed to comply to these standards, reformations were required. This was the underlying reason for the changes to our Body Butter, for example. And the results, are fabulous! And even more phenomenal than ever before!

Save the Date!

Upcoming meet ups, hang outs, & events

5/5 Rising Stars first group call (call in information will be sent shortly)

5/7 Team Meeting at 11 am 135 Mack Road Middlefield 06455

TBD purelyTEACHERS open meeting for anyone working in a school

7/30 Poppies Beer Tasting at The Ridge

Rising Stars

Thursday, May 5th, 8:45pm

Your home!

Join us for the Rising Stars event! This is a coaching opportunity for those who are waiting to take the business opportunity and grow! Focusing on sponsoring and parties, this is THE opportunity to truly lay the foundation for change!
Launching with Pure Haven Essentials

Meet our New Leader

Poppies, I know the fear and confusion that 01.25 brought. I was scared. I thought I did something wrong or worst, that my word had been broken. You know, the word that I shared a message or product that wasn't safe. I went to conference truly not sure of what I was going to do next. I found my roots. I rediscovered my why. I rediscovered my foundation and what a STRONG one it is! I was so very impressed by Joe. I wish you all could have had the opportunity to have met him because I know you could have felt the passion and strength in his words. No worries, he is committed to the message and mission! He is kind, and driven and the vision he has for Pure Haven Essentials is exactly where I want to be. Seeded in transparency, innovative products and the know how's on how to make this company soar, you WILL look back and say, "I have been here since the beginning!" I'm fired up and recharged!
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Happy purelyANNIVERSARY, Jill!

Jill Negro is driven, kind-hearted and engaging. How she balances truly being engaged with her two children, tutoring and rocking a big award for that!), and anticipating teaching soon, it will be her Anniversary this month! She is supportive and gracious to all!