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Kenya, is a sovereign state in East Africa. The capital and largest city is Nairobi.Kenya lies on the equator with the Indian Ocean in the South-East, Tazania in the South, Uganda in the West, South Sudan to the North- West, Ethopia to the north and Somalia to the North-East.

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The climate of Kenya varies by location, from mostly cool every day, to always warm/hot.The climate along the coast is tropical. This means rainfall and temperatures are higher throughout the year.At the coastal city Mombasa, the air changes from cool to hot, almost every day.


Kenya has no single culture that identifies it. It instead consists of various cultures practised by the country's many different communities.

National Dress

Kenya is yet to have a national dress that transcends the diverse ethnic divisions. With each of the more than 42 ethnic communities in Kenya having its own traditional practices and symbols that make it unique, this is a task that has proved elusive in the past. However, several attempts have been made to design an outfit that can be worn to identify Kenyans, much like the Kente' cloth of Ghana.

Kitenge, a cotton fabric made into various colours and design through tie-and-dye and heavy embroidery, is generally accepted as the African dress. Though used in many African countries, Kitenge is yet to be accepted as an official dress as it is only worn during ceremonies and non-official functions.The Kanga (Khanga, Lesso) is another cloth that is in common use in practically every Kenyan home. The Kanga is a piece of clothing about 1.5 m by 1 m, screen printed with beautiful sayings in Swahili (or English) and is largely worn by women around the waist and torso.

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Kenya is home to a diverse range of music styles, ranging from imported popular music, afro fusion and benga music to traditional folk songs. The guitar is the most popular instrument in Kenyan music, and songs often feature intricate guitar rhythms.


There are many kinds of wild life in Kenya. Most of them are herbivore.

Some herbvore's are Buffalo, Eland, Impala, Elephant, Giraffe, Kudu, Water Back, Wildebeast and Zebra.

Some carnivores are Cheetah, Hyena, Lion, Leopard, Jackal and Wild Dog.

The wildlife in the Amboseli National Park (Kenya)