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Week of February 8, 2016

Updates from Mrs. Blankenship....

  • We have been operating on "full steam ahead" since returning from the Winter Break. Next week will not only be very busy but also the schedule will be adjusted for various activities. It is very important that your child is on time each day in order to ensure that he/she will be prepared for the schedule changes.

  • Class picture money will now be accepted until Tuesday. The cost is $13 cash or check (made payable to Lifetouch).

  • Please refer to today's email with the conference code. The sooner you book your time, the sooner I can turn in my list! Your prompt attention to scheduling is greatly appreciated.

  • On Friday, February 12th, Jackson students will have an opportunity to showcase their good manners during lunch. Students might choose to dress up on this day, and during their lunch period reminders about good manners will be emphasized. We love our "fine dining day" and all of the effort our wonderful counseling team makes in decorating the cafeteria.

  • Dr. Shaw and I will be allowing the students to exchange valentines next Friday, the 12th. However, we will keep this as a homeroom activity, not exchanging between classes. There are 25 students in our class (including your child). I've posted a list of their first names only on the eClass page in case your child wants to personalize the valentines. Your child is welcome to decorate a box or bag at home and bring it in on Friday. Please don't send them in an earlier than that. Students are not required to participate, but if your child does want to participate, I ask that he or she brings in a valentine for each of the other 24 students in the class.

  • Please look in the Friday Folder sent home on the 5th for the recorder order form from Ms. Moody and Mrs. Gaugler. Recorders are instruments used in music specials. The cost of the recorder is just $5.00. I would recommend that you purchase a recorder for your child, however they can use a school recorder if need be.

  • Also in today's Friday Folder is a yellow form requesting volunteers for the Jackson Jam. The Jam is scheduled for Friday, March 18th from 4:30-8:30 pm. There are two shifts available that will require volunteers.

  • Please send in Box Tops! The second contest ends on the 12th!

Curriculum Focus

Curriculum Focus:

Reading- Next week will be very busy! With our amended schedule, the students will be completing their Text Structure summative grade as well as the UGA Georgia Milestones Assesslet. The ELA portion of the assesslet will be given Tuesday, February 9th. Please note that there is a standing 30 minute reading requirement Monday-Thursday. Students are to document their reading time by writing the title and pages read in their agenda. The students will also have Front Row reading/writing assignments posted next week.

Writing- The students will be completing the Informational Text-Based Writing to Two Texts summative grade. This grade will be given over two days. An emphasis on quality work that includes restating the question and citing text evidence will be part of this assessment. The students have practiced this skill as well as peer edited work in preparation for the grade.

Grammar-Next week, I will introduce the requirements for an in school social studies writing project. There are no formal grades.

G/L Roots- The students will take their final G/L root grade covering Duc/Duct. The DG will be given Friday.

G/L Roots- The students will take their final G/L root grade covering Duc/Duct. The DG will be given Friday.

Math- Next week in math, we will begin our exploration of volume. The students will learn how to calculate volume of rectilinear figures (think shoe boxes and cubes). We will also learn how to calculate volume of composite rectilinear figures (think one shoe box stack on another at a right angle). There are no graded assignments next week.

Science- In science, we will begin to learn about chemical changes and how they are different from physical changes. We will also explore the triggers that cause chemical changes. There are no graded assignments next week.

Social Studies-In social studies, we are wrapping up our study of the Great Depression, learning about FDR and the New Deal. There are three graded assignments in social studies next week. Monday and Tuesday, there will be a daily grade on the USA Weekly newspapers weeks 11 and 12. Students will be able to refer to the papers to answer the questions. Each student will also create a timeline of the Great Depression using multiple print and Internet resources. That timeline will be combined with a poetry writing for a second daily grade. Each student will write a poem about the Great Depression during their language arts block. Rubrics will be provided for both the timeline and poem.

Finally, the chapter seven test is scheduled for the 12th. The study guide was given out on the 5th. Students were encouraged but not required to start the study guide over the weekend.

Dates to remember...

  • Friday, February 5th- Conference Sign up begins
  • Monday-February 8th- High Touch High Tech in school field trip
  • Tuesday, February 9th- UGA Milestones Assesslet- ELA
  • Thursday- February 11- UGA Milestones Assesslet- Math
  • Thursday- February 11- STEAM Night (5:00-7:00)
  • Friday- February 12- Fine Dining Day
  • Friday- February 12-Valentine's Exchange (no party)
  • Friday- February 12-Midterms sent home
  • Friday- February 12-Baby ads are due
  • Monday- February 15- Student Holiday (unless we have a weather cancellation)
  • Wednesday/Thursday-February 24/25-Early Release

Thank you to Mrs. Stevens and Mr. Lee for chaperoning our field trip!

Please refer to the emails that I sent last Friday and yesterday with attachments for the yearbook and baby ads.