"VideoNot.es" and "little birdtales"

Tech Tip Tuesday!


Get more out of those videos! Don't just let your students passively watch a video...demonstrate the "art of notetaking" - or better yet, have them supply the main idea and supporting details of that video!

Flip learning with VideoNot.es or available in the Chrome Store (allows you to have a video playing on one side of the screen with notes on the other side explaining what is being shown or asking questions about the video; works with Khan Academy, YouTube, and Google Drive videos). This also allows you to slow down the video, pause it, or start again.

Do this a few times and students will learn the art of successful note-taking.

little birdtales

This is a really fun way to showcase what's been learned with Little Bird Tales (upload your own art, record your voice, add text, and create amazing books; suitable for all ages).

Here is a link to one that I did- but don't judge too harshly! This is just an idea of how to create one.

A Whale of a Tale!